Trendy Short Haircut Ideas for Women -Balayage, Straight Short Hair Styles

30 Trendy Stacked Hairstyles for Short Hair: Practicality Short Hair Cuts

Opting for short hair is the perfect way to show off your beautiful features. Short hairstyles are the perfect combination of low maintenance but high impact, which is exactly what we look for. You want a style which is easy to maintain but always wows the crowd. That’s where stacked hairstyles come in! Full of fantastic layers and bouncy finishes, stacked short hairstyles are incredible. In this gallery you will find the ultimate inspiration for short stacked hairstyles. We’ll even tell you how to recreate the look yourselves!

If you want to cut your hair short but without compromising on volume or style, we would always direct you towards a stacked hairstyle. As a rule, stacked hairstyles have lots of short layers to the back of the head. This creates a super stylish curved effect, but also gives you lots of cool texture to play with when styling your hair. Despite having a signature style of shorter layers at the back of the head, stacked hairstyles can actually be incredibly versatile too. Here’s a gallery full of super trendy stacked hairstyles for short hair. Don’t forget to let us know which one of these is your favourite in the comments below!

#1. Silver Stacked Short Haircut – Shaved Hairstyle for Women

Silver is a super trendy hair colour which is growing and growing in popularity. It becomes especially cool when paired with a stacked hairstyle! Steal this style by choosing a classic stacked pixie cut with a lovely, long and sweeping fringe section. Keep the layers cut close to the back of the head and finish the style with a loose tousle to the top of the head.

#2. Blonde Stacked Pixie Cuts with Long Fringe

Bangs or the fringe can be the ultimate finishing touch to a stacked hairstyle. Recreate this incredible blonde look by creating an amazing blonde pixie hairstyle. Ask for lots of short, stacked layers to the back of the head for a curved finish. Leave the front of the hair to fall into a cool, long fringe section. Straighten the locks for a sleek and contemporary end result.

#3. Brown Bob with Curled Ends

Curling the ends under can have a remarkable effect on your hair! It will create lift and light, working your locks into the most incredible end result. Start by cropping your hair into a jaw length bob, with longer layers towards the front of the face, and lots of shorter layers throughout the top of the head. Curl the ends for a fantastic and totally trendy hairstyle.

#4. Golden Blonde Swept Short Hairstyle

Golden blonde is the perfect colour to choose if you’re opting for a super stylish stacked bob. Dye your hair your favourite golden shade of blonde. Crop it into a pixie cut which finishes roughly around the ear length. Keep the layers short and close to the head, opting for a curved silhouette at the back of the head. Sweep the front of the hair back and you’re left with an amazing end result.

#5. Textured Medium Length Bob – Balayage Hairstyle with Fine Hair

Texture can simply transform your style – which is exactly why you need to learn how to add it to your look. Start by chopping your hair into a jaw length bob full of layers. The more layers at the back of the head the better. Add lots of golden and ash blonde highlights throughout your bob. Tousle the hair for a fabulous and trendy finish.

#6. Voluminous Bright Blonde Bob Hair Styles

Volume is everything when it comes to stacked bobs. The more volume you can work into your locks, the more the end result will stand out. This beautiful blonde bob has stolen our hearts. Opt for a graduated and stacked bob with the front sections falling around the jaw length. Back comb the back for this voluminous and bouncy finish.

#7. Brown A-line Bob with Side Parting

Side partings will bring your bob to life – so be sure to embrace them! Steal this wonderful lady’s style by opting for a classic medium length bob which falls around the jaw level. Add lots of shorter layers to the back of the head and a smattering of highlights throughout. Tuck one section behind your ear and leave your long, sweeping fringe to fall across your face perfectly.

#8. Bright Blonde Bob with Bouncy Ringlets

To create a hairstyle which is simply perfect for a special occasion or a night out, then big barrel curls are absolutely essential. This incredible blonde bob finishes with longer sections around the front of the face and lots of shorter layers to the back of the head. Work in a side parting and curl your hair into tight ringlets from root to tip!

#9. Textured Highlighted Stacked Short Haircu

Stacked short hairstyle have lots of lovely shorter layers to the back of the head to create a super cool curved silhouette. Keep a lovely long section of hair at the front to form a side fringe, and cut the rest of your hair short at the back of the head. Add lots of bright blonde highlights throughout and finish with texture and tousles using your favourite hair styling products.

#10. Bouncy Balayage Stacked Bob

Auburn and dark brown blend together perfectly – which is why you should embrace these two shades when working balayage into your stacked bob! Start with dark brown at the top of the hair blended down to a vibrant auburn. Cut the bob an inch or so below jaw level, working lots of shorter layers through the back of the head. Add tons of tight barrel curls from top to bottom for the most fantastic finish.

#11. Icy Blonde Long Layered Bob – Practicality Short Hairstyle for Women

Silver hair is HOT right now, but it may not be quite your style. If you still want to engage in a striking light hue with just a pinch of silver filtered through, consider a subtler silvery shade like this icy blonde. It’s white-hot and looks fabulous with these fluid long layers that shake and whisk with ease.

#12. Asymmetrical Highlighted Bob Hair Cuts – Balayage Short Hairstyle

A dark brown and blonde blend is a neat way to add some brightness to your overall look, while asymmetry ensures there’s tons of dimension and depth. This ultra-chic and trendy look works well on women of all ages!

#13. Highlighted Bedhead Bob – Short Hair Styles with Straight Hair

Styling your locks has never been so easy! Before heading out for your day on the town, DON’T brush your hair.  In fact, don’t do anything! Simply let that sexy bedhead style shine through your highlighted stacked bob. How easy is that?

#14. Textured Red Hot Stacked Pixie Hair Cuts

Ferocious and sexy all at the same time, this red hot stacked pixie is sure to be a looker wherever it goes. Let your striking personality shine through your mane with these deep, luscious red hues, textured up a bit for natural fluidity and appeal.

#15. U-Cut Back, A-line Lob Hairstyle with Straight Hair

Stacked haircuts are all about making the back of the mane shorter than the locks up front, but why settle for the same when you can stand out from the crowd? This fabulous u-shaped back adds a bit of quirky style to her look without doing anything overboard. Cut just below the jaw, her tresses naturally curl inward toward the face to frame her face beautifully.

#16. Messy Dark Chocolate Stacked Short Bob Hair Style

A sultry color like this is simply divine, with a dark chocolate hue that’s both sexy and seductive. But to take this hair color to the next indulgent level, consider a layered stacked bob like this. Tousle it up just a twinge to ensure fluidity of the mane that’s highly attractive.

#17. Copper Red Asymmetrical Stacked Bob Hair Cut

There’s simply NO sexier hair color than red; it’s long been the sultry hair color that captivates the eyes and mind. This deep, rich copper red hue is certainly seductive, and cut into this fabulous asymmetrical lengthy bob is a firey way to showcase this flawless color.

#18. Curly Blonde Bob

The great thing about chopping your locks into a stacked curly bob is you can curl it up in just a matter of minutes! These luscious curls are boosting with elegant volume, the perfect way to spotlight these luscious blonde beauties. Wear it to prom, a wedding, any fancy occasion with your favorite dress.

#19. High Tapered Stacked Bob with Subtle Highlights

Tapered bob? Yes, please! Tapering ensures instant fullness of the mane, a great choice for thicker haired gals who want to showcase their full-bodied strands. With a highly tapered back, there’s plenty of fashionable height that’s brought to life with subtle highlights.

#20. Thick Plum Pixie Cut – Women Short Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Thick hair should stay away from a blunt cut, but there also shouldn’t be TOO many layers. Here we see a wonderfully balanced stacked haircut, with just the right amount of long layers to create a sensational finish. Enhance with a sultry finish by choosing a rich plum hue like the one shown here.

#21. White Blonde with Long Fringe – Messy Stacked Short Hairstyle for Women

We adore this white blonde crop! To recreate this stacked style, keep the front sections of hair long to form a sweeping side fringe. With the rest of the hair, cut the layers short and choppy – particularly at the back of the head. This will create a bouncy and curved silhouette, as pictured above. Straighten the front sections, and tousle the back for this stunning finish.

#22. Metallic Purple Graduated Bob Hair Cut – Shaved Short Hairstyle

This stunning metallic purple bob has well and truly stolen our hearts! Recreate this look by choosing the perfect plum shade to dye your hair. Then get it cut into a medium length graduated bob. The bob should be parted at the side for a wonderful long fringe. Gradually cut the layers to get shorter to the back of the head. You could even shave a pattern into the underneath, like this stunning lady has done. Finish with lots of bouncy curls throughout!

#23. Pastel Pink and Purple Tousled Cut – Pastel Short Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Pastel shades are so on trend this season – and what better way to embrace the trend than by styling them into your stacked bob? Start by dying your roots a pretty purple which blends into a pastel pink. Chop your hair into a stacked bob which falls longer at the front and shorter at the back for a wedged effect. Loosely add curls around the front of the face and tousle the top.

#24. Straight and Sleek Stacked Blonde Pixie Haircut – Women Short Hairstyle Ideas

Sophisticated and classy are the two words which immediately spring to mind with this cut. Take the classic stacked pxie style. Part your hair to the side to secure a long fringe to frame the face. With the rest of the hair, add short layers throughout. Towards the top at the back of the head, leave a little longer. This will create the bouncy look we see above. Finish with gorgeous golden highlights.

#25. Pink and Brown Bob with Shaved Underneath – Asymmetrical Short Haircut

This style is edgy, dramatic and oh so cool – we couldn’t not include it! Start with a deep side parting to ensure a sweeping fringe. Cut your hair in a dramatic graduated bob. This means lots of short and stacked layers at the back. The front gets gradually loner, to create this sweeping effect. Shave some cool patterns in the underneath for an edgy finish. As for colour, why not a pretty purple like this lovely lady?

#26. Dramatic Purple and Silver Tousled Pixie – Shaved Short Hairstyle

What’s the point in having a stunning haircut if you can’t be dramatic and show it off? To recreate this look, opt for a standard stacked Pixie cut. However, keep the bottom layer shaved closely to the head for contrast. Cut lots of short layers throughout the top of the hair for a wedged silhouette. Leave your fringe section straight and sleek. Use product to add bounce and tousle to the top layers for a stunning finish.

#27. Swept Back Bob with Highlights – Cute, Balayage Short Hair Style

This swept back bob is the perfect finish between smart and casual. Start by opting for a brown and blonde style full of golden highlights. Opt for the classic stacked cut, longer at the front and shorter at the back. Ensure there are lots of stacked layers at the back of the head for a curved shape. Sweep your hair back and leave for a relaxed finish.

#28. Curly Blonde Crop – Stacked Short Haircut for Thick Hair

Curls are our favourite way to bring a stacked bob to life. Start by adding lots of beautiful blonde highlights throughout your hair. Then, ask your hairdresser to cut a stacked bob for you. Start the front around jaw level and work the layers back to the back of the head. If you’d like a fringe then get one cut in! Finish with curls all over the head for a pretty look.

#29. Blonde and Brown Bob with Beachy Waves – Short Thick Hairstyle for Women

Who said that beach waves were just for long hair? With your stacked bob, ensure there are lots of lovely layered cut to the back of the head. The more layers you have, the better curved silhouette. Using straighteners or tongs, add curls throughout. Start from the top and be sure to loosely curl. Pull your fingers through your hair to create the more relaxed curl.

#30. Blunt Metallic Bob Haircut – Balayage Short Hairstyle for Women

Who knew metallic shades could look so good? With your gorgeous bob, why not add metallic silver highlights for a bold look? Adding shorter layers to the back of the head will create this amazing round shape. Add a sweeping fringe to frame the face. Finish the style by using your straighteners for a blunt and straight end result. We love this look!

Stacked short hairstyles are simply timeless. Regardless of which length or style of bob you go for – adding stacked layers will simply never disappoint. We think this gallery proves that stacked short bobs are simply the only way to go when it comes to short hair. Which one is your favourite? Leave a comment below and let us know what look you’re loving!

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