20 Hottest Bob Hairstyle for 2021

Bobs are what’s hot about short hair today. These days it seems women are either sporting glamorous bobs or stunning pixies. However, despite the fact that bobs are so “in,” there are many variations on that look, and not all of them are flattering. Like anything, you need to weed out the rotten in order to find what is golden. Luckily for you, I’ve done that work for you. I am here to present you with some of the hottest bobs of this past year. Pick out your favourite and head over to the salon!

1. Framed and Soft: Short Bob Haircut

unnamed file 208
Framed and Soft/via

Framed looks are always flattering because they accent your facial features. Give it a go and see what you think.

2. Wild Curls: Messy Bob

unnamed file 209
Wild Curls/via

Curly bobs are just as stunning as straight ones. This look is elegant and playful.

3. Avante Guard Chop: Bob Haircut with Blunt Bangs for Women

unnamed file 210
Avante Guard Chop/via

Some looks are ahead of their time, this is one. Both blunt and razor like, this cutting edge looks is very unique.

4. Gorgeous Parts: Cute Long Bob

unnamed file 211
Gorgeous Parts/via

Change up your bob by simply reversing your part. It’ll add volume and amazing texture.

5. Sleek Side Bangs: Blonde A-line Bob Haircut

unnamed file 212
Sleek Side Bangs/via

Charlize Theron is an emblem of class, and this look proves it. Her sleek hair, matched with side bangs are a stunning combination.

6. Shaggy Bob Hairstyle

unnamed file 213
Shaggy Bob/via

Go british and get shaggy! It’s hot, it’s chic and it’s easy as pie.

7. Rounded A Line

unnamed file 214
Rounded A Line/via

A Line bobs are big right now. Soften yours up by framing your hair around your head.

8. Elegant Waves: Ombre Long Bob Hair Style

unnamed file 215
Elegant Waves/via

Kate Mara is always looking her best. This beautifully wavy style is perfectly casual and formal. A great match!

9. Blunt Cut

unnamed file 216
Blunt Cut/via

Feeling bold? Get a blunt cut. Nothing says confidence like firm edges.

10. Silky Smooth: Easy, Straight Bob Hairstyle

unnamed file 217
Silky Smooth/via

January Jones displays a stunning silky smooth look that is undeniably classic.

11. Fun Layers

unnamed file 218
Fun Layers/via

Have some fun playing around with layers, just like this leading lady did!

12. Severe A Line

unnamed file 219
Severe A Line/via

But, if you’re looking for something more risky, this severe A Line cut may just be your ticket.

13. Edgy Frame

unnamed file 220
Edgy Frame/via

Gorgeously framed around her face, this haircut is edgy for it’s pure precision.

14. Uneven Bob

unnamed file 221
Uneven Bob/via

Try out different lengths without it looking messy! How easy!

15. Soft Wavy Bob

unnamed file 222
Soft Wavy Bob/via

These beautiful curls attain a level of youth and beauty. They are lighthearted and will keep you feeling that way!

16. Blunt Centre Part

unnamed file 223
Blunt Centre Part/via

While not all of us can pull of such an obvious centre part, those of us who can, should.

17. Chic Inverted Bob

unnamed file 224
Chic Inverted Bob/via

Blunt, direct and edgier than ever, this inverted bob is just the thing to spice your your hair!

18. Messy Shag

unnamed file 225
Messy Shag/via

But, if you’re not looking for anything intense, this cute and messy shag may be what’s right for you.

19.  Gentle Waves

unnamed file 226
Gentle Waves/via

Gwyneth Paltrow shows us, once and for all, how to rock an amazing wavy bob.

20. Asymmetric Bob Cut

unnamed file 227
Asymmetric Bob Cut/via

Subtly daring is not always a contradiction, as this cut proves.

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