Stylish Short Pixie Cut and Color 2021 - Women Short Haircut Ideas 2021

10 Outrageous Pixie Cuts and Color Ideas for Short Hair

Outrageous pixie cuts are all about trendy style – dialled-up to the max! They are designed to make you look fabulous and the center of attention for all the right reasons. And they include showing off your unique style and fashion-flair. Today’s new season gallery is full of the creative ideas of talented designers and their prize-winning pixie hairstyles. So if you like breaking all the rules and presenting a wild, but stylish image you’ve definitely come to the right place!

1. White-blonde – black roots – windswept pixie cut & color ideas

10 Pixie Cut & Color Ideas - Outrageous New Short Hairstyles


Long, sweeping lines create a striking, asymmetric line across the face that will break-up the symmetry of a round face and hide a broad forehead on a heart-face. And the windswept finish projects the image of a free-spirit, who has her own style and original ideas. You need to have medium to thick hair to get this look, as silky, fine hair would just slip out of place. The outstanding features are trendy charcoal-black roots, contrasted with palest blue-white around the crown and ivory-white in the front!

2. Platinum-blonde with disconnected line detail – pixie cut & color ideas

This gorgeous platinum-blonde shade, without dark roots, is softer and more appealing. And that’s partly because it makes the hair-color appear like the model’s natural color. But the clever stylist has undercut the angelic look of this trendsetting pixie, with edgy, textured tips creating ‘shattered’ ends. And beneath the long layers, the buzzed back section is shaped into an appealing point at the nape. Finally, the shaved line and disconnected V creates a super feature in a fabulous high-fashion short haircut!

3. Ivory-white with flame-orange tips – pixie cut & color ideas

Here’s a great example of how a tiny touch of bright color can have a fantastic effect on a platinum-blonde/dark roots short hairstyle. This model has a fairly prominent nose, so the stylist has created a nicely curved volume at the back, which draws the eye and balances the silhouette. And hair styled forwards and then arranged in back-pointing curves, like the long fringe and side sections, also helps to distract attention away from the nose. The final, inspired touch, is the vivid crimson-orange tips in line with the model’s clean chinline, making a lovely focal point at the side!

4. Neon yellow basin-cut – pixie cut & color ideas

You can see straight away that this model loves unusual style, by her trendy tunnel-earrings and dark lipstick. And contrasting style is obviously her thing, as her smart gray dress, is worlds away from her canary-yellow pixie cut, with orange roots and green highlights! But it all works beautifully, because shocking contrasts are fashion’s favorite trend. The face-flattering bowl-cut has a slightly uneven line and a definite, home-cut vibe, which is contrasted by the carefully buzzed nape. And the stylist has finished off with a high-fashion V-line traced at the back!

5. Straight & curly combo on brunette short haircut

Here’s a cute young look that’s not outrageous, but it’s here because of its beautiful cut. It’s an easy-care short haircut with sharp forward-pointing side-points that accentuate cheekbones and a fresh complexion. There’s a trendy contrast between the top and the straight back, which is daintily shaved down to the nape, creating a pretty curve. And the softly-waved, deep fringe and foward-swept top add volume, movement and texture. This natural look is great for medium to fine hair types!

6. Purple & orange details on vintage white Mary Quant short basin-cut

This is such a beautiful and interesting haircut and color. It combines the famous Mary Quant basin-cut from the 1960’s, with the fad for mixing orange and purple – from the 70’s. And with a gorgeously soft white-blonde color, the look is totally contemporary! It’s quite a futuristic hairstyle, with purple and burnt-orange placed carefully at the roots on one side. And the beautifully shaped, upward arc of the extra-long fringe focuses lots of attention on the model’s eyes and cheekbones. Great style for a heart-shaped face!

7. Delicate shimmering beige on short straight choppy short hairstyle

Here’s another trendy, choppy-edged short haircut that’s a fresh new take on the pixie hairstyle. It’s expertly layered, which helps medium and fine hair to have extra volume. And it’s a fashionable asymmetric pixie, with a blurred side parting and a lovely, textured section on the side. The outstanding hair-color is eye-catching for its beautiful blend of gold, beige and an almost metallic shine. So the final image is natural and gentle, with wispy layers covering the ears and side profile!

8. Lavender-silver short cut with undercut fringe & nape detail

These four images show how you can take a short layered haircut and add imagination to create something entirely new and attractive! The clever stylist has created a lovely, soft side-swept front, and then literally undercut the romatic look with a dark, micro-fringe and buzzed sides. So you get a high-fashion contrast between long, sweeping layers in dainty silver, with a lavender sheen, and the retro, ‘punk’ look. And to make it completely modern, the stylist has cut a disconnected section into the nape!

9. Silver & gray defined strands on messy short thick hairstyle

This chic, high-volume long pixie cut is the answer to anyone who’s struggling with gray hairs. Embrace them with a contemporary gray, silver and white hair-color design and a youthful, modern haircut. This is a great style for thick hair that has plenty of natural volume. We love the side-parting, which the stylist has given a woven look, and the flattering texture and height on top, finished with edgy flipped-out tips!

10. Ultra-modern black-gray-magenta angular short hairstyle

This amazing new haircut and color is an extreme look that could change your whole image! The vibe is arty and futuristic, with shaved sections, and a strong bowl-cut line in black, beneath silver-gray, sliced layers. The stylist has created a stunning, high-maintenance haircut, which you’ll need to have trimmed and shaved regularly to keep its edge. But if you want to make a big impression and show your individual style, it’s a fabulous look!

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