Best Practicality Pixie Haircut Ideas, Best Short Hair for Female

10 Stylish Feminine Pixie Haircuts, Short Hair Styles for Female

Many women want to try out a super-short hairstyle, but are afraid to pull the trigger on a pixie haircut. One of the most common misconceptions about pixie cuts that deters many women from facing the scissors is the idea that pixie cuts are masculine.

There is nothing masculine about a pixie cut. In fact, a pixie can be one of the most empowering, feminine hairstyles a woman can choose. If you need more proof of the feminine power of pixie cuts, browse through these ten ultra-stylish cropped styles for inspiration.

10. Bleached Undercut Pixie, Easy Short Hairstyle

Most women who fear looking masculine with a pixie cut tend to opt for pixies with longer layers. While these long-layered styles are beautiful, they can be more challenging to manage and maintain.

This bleached undercut pixie proves that even close-cropped pixies can look pretty and feminine. Its bottom layers are buzzed for effortless styling, but its longer layers on top still give it a delicate, feminine vibe.

9. Sleek Straight Pixie

This sleek, straight pixie is the picture of smooth perfection in a short haircut. The length of its layers are varied to add interest and dimension to this style.

Its smooth, rounded shape is very feminine, and its pin-straight longer layers in front frame your face in a flattering way to define and draw attention toward your features.

8. White Blonde Pixie with Side Bangs

This white blonde pixie is sleek, smooth, and easy to manage. It is a very versatile style with varied layers that add much-needed texture and dimension to keep this cut from falling flat.

You don’t have to bother with styling the close-cropped back layers of this pixie at all. Just straighten its sideswept bangs and add a smoothing or shine serum to achieve the feminine, fairy-like style from the picture above in minutes.

7. Curly Red Pixie with Bangs

Get a gorgeous, vintage-inspired short style with this curly red pixie. Its short, curly layers are full of bouncy volume.

The long, rounded piece-y bangs of this pixie are straightened to add a sleek finish to this cut. Its bangs and longer front layers also help define your features and frame almost any face shape in a flattering way.

6. Asymmetrical Blonde Pixie with Lilac Highlights

If the long front layers, sideswept bangs, and relaxed ringlet curls didn’t emphasize the femininity of this pixie cut enough, its subtle lilac highlights definitely do the trick.

As an added bonus, this pixie cut is easy to style to perfection in minutes. Its back and side layers are so short that they require no styling. All you have to deal with are the longer layers in front, which you can effortlessly curl into loose ringlets in minutes.

5. Rainbow Pixie with Short Side Bangs

Get creative with this bright and fun rainbow pixie cut. This ultra-colorful pixie is adventurous and bold, but it isn’t too overwhelming.

It is carefully shaped into a classic pixie style with defined hairlines and part for a smooth, sleek look. Plus, the green, blue, pink, and purple tones that this rainbow pixie incorporates are amazingly subtle without looking muddy or faded.

4. Bleached Pixie with Long Bangs

The long, piece-y layers of this pixie are carefully shaped and give this cut instant delicate style that eliminates any hint of masculinity.

Plus, this pixie haircut is carefully colored for maximized manageability and femininity. It is bleached blonde for a trendy, feminine finish. However, its roots are shadowed to add dimension to this cut and allow you to wait longer between salon visits for root touch-ups.

3. Curly Undercut Pixie

It’s not hard to look feminine with a curly pixie. Ringlet curls are inherently feminine, but they can be hard to achieve in a super short cut.

This unique curly pixie cut lets you have the best of both worlds. Its layers are very short in the back and around the sides for manageability and classic pixie style. However, its layers on top and in front are long enough to curl into delicate, feminine ringlets.

2. Super-Short Faded Pixie

Even the shortest pixie cuts can have feminine style. The gentle fade around the hairline of this pixie is a subtle touch, but it adds delicate femininity to this cut.

This pixie is slightly asymmetrical. Its longer layers and wispy bangs on one side give it more shape and a defined structure and part, which contribute to the feminine vibe of longer hairstyles. Plus, these textured layers add dimension and bouncy style to this pixie cut. This close-cropped pixie is ideal for women with thin, fine, and wispy hair types.

1. White Blonde Forward-Swept Pixie with Bangs

The forward-swept style of this banged pixie conceals larger foreheads and softens long, angular faces. Its long, subtly angled bangs draw attention to your eyes and help frame your face.

This classic pixie cut’s white blonde tone is ultra-trendy. Its forward-swept front layers and bangs add a smooth, sleek and delicate finish to this style.

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