Short Layered Wavy Hair, Cute Hairstyles

Short Layered Wavy Hair: Cute Hairstyles

Balanced layers and soft waves with only fine texturing boosts the volume and offer people a cute, romantic and feminine look and feel.

The medium hairstyle can enhance the chin bone greatly. The hair is wispy and tousled for a trendy messy effect and will bring some radiance to the summer. The golden hair has lighter and darker sections that create even more dimension and a bit of extra movement for the whole look since proper highlights can illuminate the rest of the hair.

Styling Steps

  1. Create some gentle curls twisted into the medium hair with the help of a curling iron.
  2. Create textures to ensure lightness and easy flow all around. To boost all the enlightenment and add more energy to the look, add some subtle highlights in a brilliant light blonde to the naturally blonde hair.
  3. Create a smooth straight part to expose the whole forehead.

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