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20 Super Easy Layered Cuts for Short Hair

We all want that effortless wind-in-our-hair look. You know, the kind that has been seen on the face of Jennifer Anniston and just about every other A-list celebrity out there. It makes thick hair feel lighter. It adds volume to thin hair. Most important it looks great. Most seem to think this is a hairstyle reserved for those with long hair. I’m here to tell you that is incorrect. Whether you are rocking a Bob or a Pixie, layered looks come in shapes an sizes. Here are some layered styles for those of you with shorter hair.

1. Choppy Layers

Choppy Layers
Choppy Layers/via

Completely casual, this look receives full marks for looking naturally messy.

2. Sleek and Stylish Hairstyle for Short Hair

Sleek and Stylish
Sleek and Stylish/via

A perfect example of a short, thin hair, that is layered. You can’t say it doesn’t look great!

3. The Grunge Appeal: Shaggy Short Haircut

The Grunge Appeal
The Grunge Appeal/via

Layers are fun because you have more flexibility. Mess them up to receive this hip grungy look.

4. Wavy Layers Hair Styles for Women Short Hair

Wavy Layers
Wavy Layers/via

You really can’t go wrong with sultry waves like this.

5. Chic Hairstyles with Fringe

Chic Fringe
Chic Fringe/via

These waves and thick blunt bangs are a definite style statement.

6. Blunt and Ruffled: Layered, Blunt Short Bob Cut

Blunt and Ruffled
Blunt and Ruffled/via

Bluntly chopped layers is a perfect wave to add some texture to your hair.

7. Classy and Soft

Classy and Soft
Classy and Soft/via

Layers don’t need to always be rough and messy. This shows us their softer and more elegant side.

8. Jagged Layers

Jagged Layers
Jagged Layers/via

Here we see that roughly cut layers can be styled in a chic and timeless fashion as well.

9. Shaggy and Playful

Shaggy and Playful
Shaggy and Playful/via

Or, they can be seen as a youthful symbol, as seen here on a young Reese Witherspoon.

10. Uneven Layers

Uneven Layers
Uneven Layers/via

Don’t go by the book if you are looking to be edgy. Get wild and let your hair show it.

11. Thick Bangs

Thick Bangs
Thick Bangs/via

A stunning mix of orderly and disorderly, blunt even bangs and wavy layered hair is a great combination.

12. Short Layers

Short Layers
Short Layers/via

Stay short and stay chic. No need to have long hair in order to get layers.

13. Pointed Layers

Pointed Layers
Pointed Layers/via

A definite look for those living life on the edge. These pointed layers are risky and stunning.

14. Layered Long Pixie Haircut

Layered Pixie
Layered Pixie/via

Of course Pixie’s are layered. It gives them volume and texture.

15. The Thick Bob

The Thick Bob
The Thick Bob/via

Perfect for those with thick hair, this layered bob is gorgeous.

16. Finger Curled Waves

Finger Curled Waves
Finger Curled Waves/via

Alternatively, these layered waves look amazing on those with thin hair by adding volume and texture.

17. Gorgeous Big Curls

Gorgeous Big Curls
Gorgeous Big Curls/via

These awe inspiring curls are extremely flattering and wouldn’t be nearly as stunning if they weren’t layered.

18. Long Layers

Long Layers
Long Layers/via

Long layers on short hair? It’s a thing and it looks fantastic.

19. Twisted Layers

Twisted Layers
Twisted Layers/via

Sometimes a simple twist is all it takes. This look proves it.

20. Messed Pixie

Messed Pixie
Messed Pixie/via

Again, we see the benefit of layers on this stunning pixie.