2013-2014 Trendy Hair Color, Short Haircuts

Trendy Hair Color: Short Haircuts for Straight Hair

Jagged cut layers throughout the hairstyle encourage the polished-looking graduated bob with long side-swept bangs a shaggy look and feel.

The front layers contour the face ideally and the jagged cut side sweeping bangs finish off the style excellently. The charming side in a tousled layered bob with dark roots and razor-cut side-swept bangs looks charming and cool. The stylish bob looks cool and cute.

Styling Steps

  1. Equally mist gel spray round the top and sides.
  2. Gel spray can maintain well and will not appear wet or make the hair weigh down.
  3. Tilt your head upside down and take the diffuser up to the ends, moving the diffuser to the scalp circularly.
  4. Cut layers up to the top and round the sides to form this gorgeous shape that matches perfectly for people wishing to be attracted.
  5. Create some side bangs to the front to add more wow factor and enhance the look ideally.

Length: Short
Type: Straight; Side Bangs
Hair Color: Blonde; Brown

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  1. Lauren says:

    I’m a novice and know practically nothing about how to braid. Is there anywhere in could find step by step written instructions or even a video? I find the pictures to be confusing. For instance, #3 – how do you braid from 2 peices to 4 strands in the braid? Do you divide the 2 parts of the ponytail into 4 strands? And really can’t make out what’s going on with #9 especially. Thanks.

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