20 Amazing Short Haircuts for Black Women

Are you looking for a new hairstyle to rock your way into this summer? You’re in luck. There is a huge variety of great short hairstyles for you to experiment with. Going short is an excellent way to start fresh and stay cool in this summers heat. Hollywood celebrities are tearing up the streets with their new cutting edge looks. It’s time for you to change up your look and keep yourself feeling hot, confident and cool.

Here are some great styles to start with.

1. Tight Curls

Tight Curls
Tight Curls/via

These tight curls are cute and refreshing! Style them up with some fab jewelry.

2. Wild Waves

Wild Waves
Wild Waves/via

Or, let loose with some bodacious waves. Nothing says volume like that does .

3. Sleek and Cropped

Sleek and Cropped
Sleek and Cropped/via

This classic look is sure to look elegant on your frame.

4. Stunning Undercut

Stunning Undercut
Stunning Undercut/via

A bold take on the undercut, this stunning look is bound to wow.

5. Side Swept: Asymmetrical Short Haircut

Side Swept
Side Swept/via

Impeccably side swept, this look is the queen of elegance and hollywood royalty.

6. Corkscrew Afro

Corkscrew Afro
Corkscrew Afro/via

A look only few of us can pull off, if you can do it, rock it.

7. Stylish Short Bob Hair Cut for Black Women

Short Bob
Short Bob/via

This smooth talking cut says it all: sophisticated style.

8. Semi Corn Rows

Semi Cornrows
Semi Cornrows/via

Play with the possibilities! There cornrows are chic and fun.

9. Shaved Sides and Ringlets

Shaved Sides and Ringlets
Shaved Sides and Ringlets/via

This stunning undercut is balanced beautifully with a luscious head of curls.

10. The Pixie

The Pixie
The Pixie/via

Halle Berry made it famous, and famous it shall stay. There is a reason this look is so fashionable, and it doesn’t need to be said.

11. Gorgeous Cornrows

Gorgeous Cornrows
Gorgeous Cornrows/via

A favourite on this list, this stacked hairstyle is, simply put, breathtaking.

12. Vibrant Colours

Vibrant Colours
Vibrant Colours/via

Get bold and go bright! Colours are a great way to play up your style.

13. Cute Cropped Pixie

Cropped Pixie
Cropped Pixie/via

Another modern-day style icon, Rihanna, shows us how to pull off a fantastic cropped pixie.

14. Au Naturale

Au Naturale
Au Naturale/via

This natural look is stunning, to say the least. A definite hairstyle to try at home.

15. Blunt and Sleek Undercut

Blunt and Sleek Undercut
Blunt and Sleek Undercut/via

This unique take on the undercut is both edgy and chic.

16. Faux Hawk Hairstyle for Short Hair

Faux Hawk
Faux Hawk/via

Who could forget the faux hawk? It’s a classic!

17. Side Swept Waves

Side Swept Waves
Side Swept Waves/via

Class, style and an eye for fashion, this look will get you looks where ever you go.

18. Bleached Top

Bleached Top
Bleached Top/via

A gorgeous style that looks amazing with tight curls, this look is definitely hot right now.

19. Cropped


Play it simple with cropped hair, turning the focus to your stunning face instead.

20. Modern Bowl Cut

Modern Bowl Cut
Modern Bowl Cut/via

Who knew bowl cuts could be stylish? Rihanna did, and she’s showing us how to pull it off.

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