10 Trendy Short Hairstyles for Straight Hair

You don’t have to have a ton of natural volume in your hair to pull off a super short cropped cut. Women with all hair types–straight, curly, wavy, textured, etc. etc.–can easily rock a short hairstyle.

These 10 super short hairstyles are ideal for women who have naturally straight hair or prefer to straighten their hair as part of their everyday styling routine.

1. Cropped Silver Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

This cropped silver pixie cut is ultra-trendy in terms of color, cut, and style. Its bright silver color and super smooth finish are sleek and elegant, and its rounded side-swept bangs frame your face but won’t get in your eyes.

Plus, this super short pixie cut is super low-maintenance and easy to style quickly in the mornings. You can use a round brush and a blow-dryer to quickly shape and style this cut in a few minutes flat.

2. Tousled Honey Blonde Pixie with Long Side Bangs

Pull off a sleek and slightly edgy style with this intentionally tousled honey blonde pixie cut. Its long side bangs add femininity to this hairstyle, and its straight but tousled texture adds volume and dimension.

This cut is also super easy to style. Smooth and straighten your bangs using a blow dryer and a round brush. Then, just rough dry the rest of your hair, apply texturizing spray or serum, and run your fingers through from roots to ends to create this cut’s signature messy-on-purpose finish.

3. Straight White Blond Pixie Cut with Long Side Bangs

Look smart and chic with this ultra-trendy straight white blonde pixie cut. Its white blonde color is bright, bold, and flattering, and its long straight side bangs frame and flatter your face.

Styling this pixie cut is quick and easy. Just use a blow dryer and round brush or a flat iron to achieve the pin-straight, smooth finish that makes this cut work. Don’t forget to apply heat protectant, and finish your styling off by applying a smoothing serum from roots to ends.

4. Smooth Ink Black Pixie Cut with Cropped Bangs

The ink black all-over color gives this classic pixie cut an automatic bold, attention-grabbing finish. Its cropped, asymmetric bangs add style to this smooth pixie.

This super sleek short haircut is very low-maintenance as well. Just apply smoothing serum from roots to ends and use a mini flat iron or a round brush and blow-dryer to straighten your bangs if needed.

5. Rosy Pink Pixie with Shadow Root and Long Side-Swept Bangs

If you’re looking to make a really bold style statement, try this daring and ultra-trendy bright pink pixie cut. A bright, rosy pink hue and super long side-swept bangs adds femininity and light to this hairstyle.

When you get up in the morning, apply smoothing serum through your hair from roots to ends and comb it forward to achieve a flattering forward-swept style.

6. Lavender Spiked Pixie with Shaved Sides

The silvery lavender color of this bold spiked pixie is super trendy and ultra-feminine. Its daring shaved sides and spiked-up top give this pixie an edgy, bold finish.

This super cropped pixie cut couldn’t be easier to style in the morning. Just use texturizing style mousse or gel to secure the hair on the top of your head into a bold, spiky style.

7. White Blonde Pixie with Cropped Side-Swept Bangs

Look icy every day with this sleek straight white blonde pixie. Its cool white blonde color is ultra-trendy, and its cropped side-swept bangs stay out of your eyes but look sleek and flattering.

Use a round brush and a blow dryer to straighten and style this elegant pixie within minutes. Apply smoothing serum as a finishing touch to achieve the ultra-smooth finish of this sleek short hairstyle.

8. Blonde Pixie with Shaved Side and Long Curled Side Bangs

Simple Short Hairstyles for Straight Hair - Female Short Haircut Ideas


This straight blond pixie is both feminine and edgy with its long curled side bangs and bold shaved sides. Plus, styling this pixie cut is easier and takes less time than you might think.

Style the top of this cut by applying a texturizing spray from roots to ends. Then, use a curling rod or a flat iron to curl this pixie’s long side bangs into flattering ringlet curls while leaving the rest of the cut straight.

9. Classic Messy Brunette Pixie Cut

Achieve the ideal messy-on-purpose style with this classic tousled brunette pixie cut. This cut is perfect for those with wavy-straight hair types who don’t have much time to commit to styling every morning.

If you have wavy and/or straight hair, styling this pixie is virtually effortless. Rough dry your hair and comb it forward. Then, just rub texturizing spray or serum between your palms and run your fingers through your hair from roots to ends for a trendy, messy style that stays in place all day long.

10. Spiked Gray Blonde Pixie Cut with Piece-y Side Bangs

Women of any and every age can pull off a short, straight pixie–as you can see from this spiked gray blond pixie cut. The cool blonde color of this pixie is flattering for many skin tones and helps gray root growth blend seamlessly into the rest of your cut.

The piece-y cropped side bangs and spiky top of this pixie add dimension and volume to this cut and are very quick and easy to style. Just use texturizing spray or a gentle smooth styling mousse to create the spiky, piece-y style of this trendy pixie cut.

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