20 Gourgeous Mahogany Hairstyles: Hair Color Ideas

Mahogany hair has to be one of the most enticing, alluring hair colors out there. It’s that perfect shade of brownish-red that’s downright tantalizing- as is anything with hints of red throughout. You can also choose different shades of mahogany, from lighter tones to deep, purpley undertones that are rich and inviting. If you’re looking for your next mahogany hair color choice or simply want a new way to spruce up your mahogany locks, take a peek at these gorgeous mahogany hairstyles you’ll want to try ASAP. Violet Mahogany Asymmetrical Bob: Straight Short Haircut for...[Read more]

20 Captivating Blue Hair Color Designs: Ombre Hairstyles

Blue hair is a really popular style right now, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with just one shade of blue. We’ve come up with a wild collection of midnight blues, electric blues, even silvery blues- and so much more! You have to see these captivating blue ombre hair color choices. Straight Blue Mermaid Melt: Ombre, Balayage Hairstyles with Straight Long Hair The mermaid style is undeniably trendy right now, so if you have lengthy hair that needs to be revamped with some majestic appeal, consider a subtle mermaid blue color melt. The turquoise and deep blue shades below...[Read more]

20 Brown Hairstyles for Summer: Beautiful Hair Color

Step aside, blondes! These gorgeous brunette hairstyles are summer-time ready! Who said you have to ditch darker hair colors just because it’s hot and sunny? Forget about it, and fall in love with these lovely hair styles. Sombre Waves: Dark Brown Ombre Black hair may be too dark for the summer season, but that doesn’t mean you have to get rid of it completely. A sultry sombre featuring a chocolate brown lower half lightens things up a tad, bouncy waves the perfect end to this sexy style. Warm Chestnut Brown Ringlets: Curly Long Hairstyles Summer parties are the best aren’t...[Read more]

19 Amazing Twisted Braid Hairstyle Ideas

Box braids, rope braids, twisted braids; whatever you call them, this lovely hairstyle is worn by women all across the world, and is one of the coolest ways to show off some unique texture that doesn’t require much upkeep. But did you know that these kinds of braids can be tossed into a multitude of trendy and cute styles? You’d be surprised how many fascinating hairstyles you can rock with box braids, from sassy high ponytails to sultry updos, and everything in between. You will find some new and awesome styles to rock on this list! High Ponytail Rope Braids There’s nothing...[Read more]

20 Pretty Spring Ombré Hair Ideas

Warmer seasons may have you in a cast of deep, rich shades like black, brown, or mahogany, but spring is all about colors bursting every which way and the summer peeking it’s head through the clouds. Style and lighten your looks with one of these beauteous spring ombré hair color ideas. Sombre Brown: Balayage Hairstyles with Straight Long Hair With spring, the sun starts peeking out and giving us a bit of warmth through the day; but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to warm brown hair. Lighten and refreshing your hair with a few light brown baby lights to add depth and...[Read more]

25 Hairstyles for Summer 2018: Sunny Beaches as You Plan Your Holiday Hair!

Lily Collin Medium Wavy Hair

Here’s my pick of the trends most likely to become the best hairstyles for summer 2018! Ponytails are always one of the best hairstyles for summer. 2018’s fashion fans will be probably be wearing one of the trendy pony styles shown on the models recently. Knicker elastic ponytails There’s already a trend for the ‘bubble ponytail’ as an evening style for winter. This has severalpony elastics fastened down the length, to form a curvy ‘in and out’ shape. Cutest Braid Ponytail /Via L’Oreal created relaxed ponytails on long lightly permed hair, left to dry naturally and fastened...[Read more]

20 Stylish Pink Ombre Hairstyles

Pink ombre is a hot topic among the fashion industry, especially among the younger crowds. But pink ombre doesn’t have to be just two toned- there’s plenty of ways to switch up this style from hot pink hues to soft baby pink highlights, and everything in between. If you want something natural, you’ll find it here. If you want hair colors that will shock the nation, you’ll find it here. Fall in love with these unique pink ombre ideas! Hot Pink Straight Ombré: Straight Long Hair If you want to make a HOT statement wherever you go, there’s only ONE color that...[Read more]

10 Intriguing Blue Hairstyles and Color Ideas

Hair Undercut with Bun Updos - Stylish Blue Hair Color Designs 2017

This year it’s all about the BLUES! Any combination and shade of blue will work, but if you’re in need of a little blue inspiration, check out these charming blue hair color ideas, complete with hairstyles and all. Ocean Blue Ombre: Straight Lob Haircut Black roots are the perfect setting for this magnificent ocean-inspired blue hairstyle. This indulgent shade of darker blue has hints of indigo intertwined right in for a cascading effect that’s nothing short of beautiful. For a dark blue hairstyle idea, consider this ocean blue Ombre. No fancy styling needed- leave hair...[Read more]

10 Trendiest Male Haircuts of the Year


Switching up your style, as a man, can be a rather tough decision. Should you keep your hair longer to let your waves shine through, or should you rock a shorter style? And what about those trendy fades? Buzz it, or keep it a little longer? To help you choose your next trendy haircut, you’ve gotta check out these trendiest male haircuts of the year. There’s something for everyone on this list, whether you want casual and relaxed or sexy and precise. Lengthy Waves and Side Fade: Curly Hairstyles for Men Leaving a little extra length on top means you can show off those sexy,...[Read more]

10 Unique and Desirable Pastel Hair Ideas


Looking to add some striking colors to your locks? Pastel shades are a favorite in the hair industry right now, including everything from striking purples to subtler denims. Make your pastel dreams come true and be inspired by one of these lovely pastel hair ideas. Soft Pastel Blonde Highlights: Balayage Wavy Lob Hairstyle Pastel colors don’t always have to be quirky or vivid; this subtle pastel blonde shade is a quick and easy way to brighten darker blonde strands, and with loose beachy waves like this it’s an excellent summer option. Purple Blue Ombre Purple is an insanely...[Read more]

15 Pretty Prom Hairstyles for 2018: Boho, Retro, Edgy Hair Styles

Prom Hairstyle Ideas for Long Hair

First of all we’ll all be wearing different hair colours in 2018, so before you choose the colour of your prom dress, you need to think about highlights! There won’t be any warm reds and yummy honey, caramel and chocolate browns in the best prom hairstyles for 2018, as everything’s going cool for next year. The main blonde shade will be platinum-ice and the trendiest highlights will be in ash-blonde and ash-brown colours. Updo Hair Styles for Long Hair /Via Best prom hairstyles for 2018 – long Half-up styles are going to be even more bouffant and 1960’s next year, so the best prom...[Read more]

10 Fantastic Dip Dye Hair Ideas

Light Brown, Blonde Ombré - Pink Dip Dye Hair

Tired of the same old, same old when it comes to your hair, but don’t want to completely change your entire look? Consider dip-dying your locks! With dip-dying, you can shake your entire look up in any color of your choosing. Don’t like the color? Dip-dye into another shade and try it on for size. There’s tons of different color combos to choose from, but these 10 dip-dye ideas will get the ball rolling. Black and Aqua: Ombre Lob Hairstyles with Thick Hair If you prefer to live your life on the dark side, consider sprucing it up a tad with some dip-dye aqua. This creates a...[Read more]

27 Trendy Updos for Medium Length Hair

Tired of the same updos? Then switch things up with one of these trendy updos for medium length hair. Here you will find everything from casual and effortless to ultra-glamorous and sophisticated- plus so much more. Wrap-Around Braided Low Bun Casual? Yes. Chic? Yes. Still beautiful enough for a high-end social event? Absolutely. A low bun is quick and easy, and by simply tossing a braid above your bun you can create a striking style that pairs well with any earrings and apparel. Glamor Hawk: Chic Braid Updo Hairstyles Faux Hawks aren’t reserved for punk rock concerts and music...[Read more]

20 Stylish Striking Blue Hairstyles

Blue hair is undoubtedly one of the bingest trends right now, and you’ll want to dive in to this striking color after seeing these blue hairstyles. We’ve got it all, whether you’re looking for a mermaid-inspired hue or something a bit more dark and mysterious. Pastel Blue and Lavender Curly Color Melt: Curly Long Hair Being bright and fairylike is a dream many gals have, and this is an awesome way to showcase that dream! This majestic style infuses a light pastel blue shade with a few pastel lavender hues color melted inside for a very dreamy finish. Curl up your strands and...[Read more]

20 Stylish Designs to Have Silver and White Hair

Blonde hair– whether golden or platinum- has always been super popular, so it’s no secret that the majority of women go blonde at least once in their lifetime. But what about silver and grey? This is undeniably the hottest (and newest) trend of the season, and it’s taking over the hair industry by force. But how exactly are you supposed to wear grey and silver hair? For most of us, grey hair has been a big no-no in the past, so seeing it become one of the most trendiest colors of 2017 was certainly a shock. Well, we’re here to help you indulge in this trend with some...[Read more]

19 Glorious Pink Hair Style Ideas for Spring

Springtime! The flowers are blooming, the sun is peeking its head out, and summer is quickly approaching. Match up with the beauty of spring by indulging in one of these glorious pink hairstyle ideas. Pink is ALL the rage, so if you’re feeling daring, there’s no better time than spring to really GO FOR IT! Peachy Pink Ombré Long Hair: Pastel Hair Color Designs Choosing a pink with peach undertones can give you a more realistic effect than opting for a pastel or deep hue of pink. While of course this style is anything but all natural, it still has a sophisticated and subtle beauty...[Read more]

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