Leighton Meester Long Haircut: The splendid subtle hairstyle has long and soft shiny curls added throughout the mid-lengths to ends to bring the style movement and shape and teased at the hair roots to create the top height and lift. It is simple to create the luscious long curly hairstyle.

Curl your hair into loose curls and waves with a large curling iron, hot rollers. Pull a part of hair and position your hair ends at the base of curling iron barrel and then wrap the hair up round the barrel till the mid-lengths. Hold the hair for about a few seconds and then release it by unwinding the hair backwards. Leave the hair sitting on the shoulders to add more charm and tender feel, showing off the sexy length of the style. Choose a medium radial brush to help make the wavy or curly hair textures neat.

Leighton Meester Hairstyle
Length: Long
Type: Curly
Hair Color: Light Auburn