This super pixie haircut is cut short through the back and sides, blending into the top jagged cut layers, bringing this a lot of texture. The stunning short hairstyle is tapered into the back of the head, with layers blending into the sides that fall down the ears. The side layers can add much style and shape to the whole look.

The top layers are swept over to one side to frame the face and also brings it a weightless and smooth look. The adorable pixie cut is great for the formal events and it is suitable for many face structures. The cropped hairstyle is perfectly proper for people with fine to medium hair kinds.

  • Smooth a bit of moisturizer evenly throughout from the mid-lengths to the hair ends. Trim the hair section by section.
  • Create some layers at the back and sides of the style to add much shape.
  • Layer some side-sweeping bangs subtly across the forehead to make the whole hairstyle look and feel tender and great.