Trendiest Short Hairstyles for Women, Easy Pixie Haircut Trends

10 Easy Pixie Haircut Styles & Color Ideas

If you fancy a new look, you can’t do better than choose an easy pixie haircut with a modern twist!  These are the latest pixie haircuts, favored by smart young women who set the trends and are always one step ahead.  Nape details are a new trend, and squared-off side-points are easing their way into the fashion mainstream, too. This year’s short haircut colors feature delicate, rose-quartz blonde, recently added to the popular range of ash, silver and beige blondes.  Red-heads/’orange-heads’ are still totally in fashion and naturally curly, black hair looks fabulous in this new gallery of easy pixie haircut ideas!

Dainty rose quartz is the newest blonde shade – easy pixie haircut ideas

Trendiest Short Hairstyles for Women, Easy Pixie Haircut Trends


Introducing the hippest new fashion shade of rose-quartz, this is an edgy haircut with a feminine twist!  The buzzed nape has a lovely contoured shape, which follows the natural hairline and contrasts with the sharp lines above.  And there’s another great creative contrast between the dark-blonde roots and the subtle rose-quartz blonde color.  There are hints of pale coppery balayage adding color depth to the beautifully textured longer layers, too.  So this forward-styled pixie cut is definitely a fresh look for the coming season!

Silvery ash-blonde pixie with V-nape – easy pixie haircut ideas

The new season’s pixie cuts all have cute details at the nape, like this attractive single point or V-shape.  Thick- or medium-textured hair is suitable for this long layered, asymmetrical pixie in silver-ash blonde.  And the style is equally suitable as a women’s over-50’s short hairstyle idea, or a ‘hip’ hairstyle for young trendies!  The style is straight, but you can see a little natural wave has been styled to create lots of interesting texture and movement.  And as the model’s pale skin has reddish tones, the colorist has added a hint of pink toner on the top.

Snazzy curly pixie on black hair – easy pixie haircut ideas

Curly black hair is such a lively and attractive hair type that always looks fabulous in a short, snazzy pixie haircut!  This asymmetrical pixie has a lovely rounded silhouette in profile and cute twin points decorating the nape.  The front flatters oval face shapes and that extra height on top will add length to a low forehead.  The shape moves from a lightly defined, side-part down to a smart, tucked behind the ear detail that reveals a pretty profile.  The gorgeous rounded curls project a chic feminine image for a thoroughly modern Ms!

Beige-blonde pixie with buzzed back & sides – easy pixie haircut ideas

Here’s an easy pixie haircut idea for fine hair that has a new type of wave creating edgy texture.  The basic short-back-and-sides includes a fine line of shaved detail at the nape and in the squared-off side point.  The subtle shade of beige-blonde has a very natural look and makes a soft contrast with the light-brown roots beneath.  Instead of a long fringe, this is another of the latest ‘bare forehead’ pixie haircuts.  The low-key quiff creates a ripple-wave in the pretty profile and there’s an edgy kink in the top waves, for a new twist!

Classic asymmetric pixie in funky neutral blonde

This pixie hairstyle has a long, side-swept fringe from a deep side-parting, so it’s one of the classic pixie haircuts that flatter a wide range of faces.  Straight pixies, with extra height on top, are especially flattering for round faces.  If your face is long, the diagonal long fringe effectively ‘cuts off’ the forehead and breaks the long, symmetrical shape.  And if you have a heart-face, this fringe will hide a wide forehead and minimise a narrow chin by keeping the focus on the central area.  And to ensure you have a suitably up-to-date color, try this trendy neutral beige blonde!

Chic platinum-blonde all-over pixie hairstyle with texture

This adorable pixie hairstyle, worn with a smart black dress/white collar, is an authentic, 1960’s Mod look.  And this well-groomed style’s currently popular with creative women in the fashion industry, because it’s chic and appealing.  The heavily layered pixie creates cute, fluffy volume on fine hair and makes it easy-to-style.  And all-over platinum-blonde creates a softer, more feminine look than blonde with dark roots.  The uneven, piecey fringe can be shaped to suit your face perfectly, and highlight a pair of lovely, blue or green eyes!

Front view of blonde pixie hairstyle with flipped-up fringe

What could be easier to style than this short, layered pixie haircut?  And it’s such a versatile look you can wear it with every fashion style, too.  This pixie cut shows the latest low-key quiff, styled to create a pretty curved frame around an almost bare forehead.  It’s a great way to disguise a square forehead, by covering the corners and creating a new, curved ‘hairline’.  The sides are carefully cut to hug the face in flat layers ending just under the cheek-bones.  And the result is a lovely, pale-blonde short haircut focussing on the centre forehead and eyes. So it’s a great choice for oval-, heart-, round- and mature faces!

Long brunette pixie haircut with flipped-up back detail & antique-gold balayage

Here’s a super new long pixie hairstyle, with lots of texture creating added volume on fine or medium hair.  The hair is layered through, with feathery tips flipped-out at the back in a chic, and playful, detail.  And short, fine layers at the sides have been arranged in pretty curves on the surface, adding the illusion of denser hair.  The long, side-swept fringe has gorgeous, golden-blonde balayage that adds texture and a flattering frame for the face.

Radiant red pixie haircut with orange balayage

Along with the plethora of new blonde shades this year, there’s a strong and welcome trend for orange-red hair colors!  Blonde hairstyles do tend to hog the pages of fashion mags, so red-head, light copper and auburn haired readers can feel overlooked.  But this year has definitely seen a trend towards all shades of orange, especially the intense new colors recently perfected by hair color brands.  So instead of having black mixed in to get the darker orange shades, the latest colors are ‘high-pigment’ shades that mimic natural auburn perfectly!  This neatly cut, rich auburn pixie has orange balayage added to the top, highlighting the texture and movement of medium – thick hair.

Ultra-modern white-blonde & silver pixie hairstyle

This maximum-impact pixie puts a fantastic new twist on the faux-hawk!  It’s a style you can achieve on fine or medium hair types as it doesn’t depend on volume to create the shape.  The back and sides are cut close to the head and left with natural, dark-blonde roots.  The longer layers are cut in a faux-hawk from forehead to just above the nape and look super-stylish in silvery-white blonde.  Styled forwards from the crown the stylist has created exciting, layer-upon-layer texture and curves, which soften this stunning, easy pixie haircut!

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