Balayage Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair - Beautiful Rose Gold Color

27 Best Short Haircuts for Women: Hottest Short Hairstyles

Short hair can change your look to a large degree. Before you have made your decision to create sort of change to your hair, you should choose the most suitable one depending on your face shape and personal style.

Here is a list of favorite and gorgeous short haircuts. For a dramatic change, you can choose one quite short haircut. However, if you desire a change of look without cutting much of hair, you can choose short hairstyle with usual length. In addition, you can add bangs or some highlight to the short hair if needed. Now, let’s have a look at the great and luscious pixie haircut, short haircuts that we have gathered here and then you can pick out the ones that suits you best.

Grayed Out Lob Hair Styles with Straight Hair, Balayage Short Hairstyle

Gray is the main event in the hair world for now, and you can enjoy this style and still rock balayage with ease. Her combination of grays ensures there’s plenty of depth within her grayed out lob, a perfect idea for this year.

Smoky Pixie Cuts, Cute Short Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs

Subtlety is the main goal with this sophisticated hairstyle, a unique and beautiful blend of smoky highlights and lowlights combining to create a very sensual style that’s deeply romantic yet super stylish. With this cut and this depth of color, you can go just about anywhere and look dynamite.

Pink-Red Highlighted Pixie, Stylish Hair Color Ideas

Leaving her hair all one color would be slightly boring and unappealing, and it also wouldn’t highlight the multitude of layers and the precision of this pixie cut. But by throwing some dark pink-red highlights on top of her black mane, she brings this cut to life in a way that’s perky and fun.

Ash Blonde ‘Faux Hawk’ with Fade, Messy Short Hairstyle

Punk rock princess, bad girl from the 50s, or art aficionado? Her hair says a LOT, but it’s still loaded with mystery and plenty of passion. Her lengthy pixie cut is heavily styled on top for some outrageous intriguing volume, while the sides are buzzed short in a trendy fade that showcases her ‘faux hawk’ up top. Ash blonde is also a great choice, with a pink hue that’s downright lovely.

Highlighted Boy Cut, Layered Short Hair Styles

Long hair can be a pain, especially during the summer season when long locks tend to overheat your entire body! Effortless, artsy styles are the go-to for gals who don’t want to struggle with styling, and this boy cut is the optimum choice. To add some spice and personality to your boy cut, highlight the tips with some striking light blonde and toss it back, away from the face to really bring out your features.

Wavy Textured Light Brown Balayage Pixie, Messy Curly Short Haircuts

This graceful pixie is tousled and textured with a delightful wave that creates a very dainty fluidity throughout her lengthy pixie haircut. To add even more depth and dimension to her locks, she tosses in just a few light brown highlights to her deep, rich brunette tresses for an all-natural finish that sweeps with every curl.

White/Brown Undercut, Easy Short Hairstyle for Summer

A disconnected undercut like this is loaded with tons of choppy layers of all different lengths for a really unique and flavorful finish. But to pronounce those awesome chops, make your hair two separate colors. Leave your natural brown on the buzzed parts, while the top contrasts with a striking white hue.

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