Latest Bob Hairstyles for Short Hair, Women Short Haircut Trends

10 Bob Hairstyles for Short Hair With Added Wow!

We selected these ten bob hairstyles for short hair for a special, Wow! gallery, because each hairdo has something very new, edgy or cute to show!  Color-wise these fabulously fashionable bob haircuts range from high-pigment copper-reds to funky gray and coral blends. There are lots of medium beige and ash-blonde blends in shades that can be adjusted to suit most complexions.  And fantastic black bouffant bobs gleaming with ultra-modern, holographic shine look super-chic and sexy!  We’ve also included the latest cutting and styling twists, like disconnected layers, shaved side points and symmetrical bob hairstyles to keep you looking fresh and fashionable! So – let’s get this party started!

Softly blended ash & coral-red bob hairstyles for short hair

Latest Bob Hairstyles for Short Hair, Women Short Haircut Trends


I love the way hair stylists and colorists are able to surprise us with something totally original each season!  This is great example of how 4, 5 or 6 different shades can be blended to create subtle, new color-effects and 3-D depth.  Breaking it down you can see light copper, gray and ash-blonde shades in expertly balanced lines, topped off with coral-red balayage.  And this asymmetric bob haircut has a long, swept-over fringe and side section that make a lovely face-frame.  The hair color has been tailored to match the model’s own skin-tones perfectly and styled to show the ear, in another of this season’s new twists!

Chic symmetrical bob in trendy beige – bob hairstyles for short hair

Symmetry is making a come-back this season, and this classic bob with a straight-across fringe is set to be a big hit for the next year or so!  Short symmetrical bob haircuts can help balance a heart face by covering a wide forehead.  And by keeping the side length just below the ear lobes, you can draw attention to a pair of well-shaped lips!  For a long or narrow face, this style reduces facial length.  And with more volume at the sides you can make a narrow face seem wider.  The lovely, soft shade of ash-beige-blonde complements skin with a warm undertone and accentuates the model’s brown eyes beautifully.  This natural, but very chic hair design is a trendy, easy-care look for young and mature women!

Full bangs on casual brunette bob hairstyles for short hair

Full, straight-across bangs are back, which is great news for anyone with a long face, or a wide or high forehead!  This medium bob is a great makeover cut for updating long hair to a more contemporary style.  It’s also a hairstyle that suits medium and fine hair, as cutting hair to just below chin-length creates good length:thickness proportions.  So those with thin or fine hair can avoid a long and straggly look.  The look is easy-care and natural, with a long fringe covering the eye-brows and focussing attention of the eyes.  There’s a tousled, uneven vibe in the lightly textured tips and defined side-strands soften the profile and frame the face.  This is a great bob hairstyle for oval, long, heart or narrow faces!

Sexy black bouffant bob hairstyles for short hair – holograph toner

Here’s a fabulous bouffant version of the angled bob hairstyle, designed to show the density and natural volume of thick, straight hair!  The closely layered back section is cut at a sharp angle, but the rounded crown adds a curvy, feminine vibe.  The expert stylist has used sliced layers to remove the bulk from the ends.  This technique produces sleek, tapered tips that ‘hug’ the neck.   Well-cut straight, black hair always looks very chic and fine, beige balayage and ultra-modern holographic toner add the perfect finishing touch to a sexy, modern style!

Young & messy angled bob hairstyles for short hair

This trendy angled bob shows that one woman’s ‘bad hair day’ is another gal’s ultra-trendy new haircut!  But the thing about the ‘messy’ trend is the amazing texture and extra volume it adds to medium or fine hair.  And when everyone around you is wearing their hair smooth and sleek, it’s the perfect way to mark your individuality!  This youthful bob also choppy texture in the back layers, which shows up really well in this profile shot.  With a center-parting that flatters oval faces, this messy short angled bob is a relaxed, easy-care hairstyle for everyday wear.

Bright copper-beige bob hairstyles for short hair – shaved detail

And moving on to highly groomed styles that are full of ultra-modern details, here’s a gorgeous bright copper bob.  The profile shows a fabulously well-shaped side-point, cut in front of the ear where it focusses attention of the cheek-bones.  Stacked layers create a high-fashion, steep angle and another great profile feature.  The roots are medium brown and there are two slightly varied shades of copper orange.  The curvy volume at the back has a touch of pink making a lovely coral color.  And the sides are more ‘orange’, but trendy beige toner softens the whole style beautifully!

High-pigment copper-red bob hairstyles for short hair – thick hair

Technology has transformed the choice of hair colors during the last couple of years so you can have truer colors without a lot of black mixed in.  And this is the fantastic result of using a special, ‘high-pigment’ hair-dye.  You can get intense copper-red shades that look completely natural.  This style also has lightly highlighted tips adding texture that emphasizes the wonderful curves.  This style is suitable for thick hair as it relies on natural density and volume for the gorgeous, bouffant back!

Easy-care everyday bob hairstyles for short hair – cool blonde

If you have, ‘dirty-blonde’ or mousey, fair hair it’s so easy to make it more flattering and fashionable right now.  Adding beige blonde vertical highlights can look very natural and complement pale skin with warm undertones.  Actually, beige blonde can be tailored to suit most skin tones as it’s a very versatile ‘neutral’ color.  This asymmetrical bob has a side parting and a flirty peek-a-boo section of hair draped over one eye. Brown roots add warmth, color depth and fashionable style. With hair tucked casually back behind the ear, this classic chin-length bob suits all ages and face-shapes.

Trendy ash-blonde bob with disconnected layers – thick hair

Here’s another version of the bouffant bob angled bob for thick hair, but this time in a flurry of fashion hair colors.  The disconnected layers at the sides have a quirky bend and flipped-out wave that’s great for adding width to a narrow chin.  The stylist has created several different areas of texture and direction like a flurry of snowflakes caught in a draughty corner.  With brown roots below, the colorist has built up a fantastic blend of layered colors in ash-blonde, white- and warm-beige blonde highlights.  The look is chic and up-to-the-minute for a special social event!

Golden-beige & copper tone on brunette short bob hairstyles

And finally, here’s an angled bob for medium or fine hair with relaxed styling you can easily do at home.  The back isn’t as exaggerated a curve as you get with coarse, thick hair but flipped-out tips add volume and interest to silky hair.  This bob is beautifully decorated with defined, tousled waves and lovely balayage technique.  A medium brown base is lightened with carefully blended shades of blonde in warm golden, beige and copper tones  The result is a softly flattering and feminine hairstyle that’s easy to maintain looking cute and shiny every day!


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