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20 Dazzling Red Hairstyles

A few years ago I had a choice to make: cut my long locks short or dye them red. I was ready for a change and I decided I would do one or the other. In the end, I cut my hair short. Now, as my hair has grown out and more and more people are dying their hair red, I’m wondering if it’s time to explore my second option. Red hair is vibrant and dazzling. It is the life of the room and a definite style statement. What better time to try something new, than summer? What do you say? Are you thinking about going red?

1. Soft Pixie

Soft Pixie

Soft Pixie/via

This soft red pixie is both elegant and funky.

2. Layered Pixie

Layered Pixie

Layered Pixie/via

Show off the different tones of your red hair with this layered look.

3. Curly Bob

Curly Bob

Curly Bob/via

A playful curly bob can be both flattering and sultry, depending on your mood.

4. Sleek Bob

Sleek Bob

Sleek Bob/via

Go sleek if you want all the attention to be on your fabulous new colour.

5. Edgy Undercut

Edgy Undercut

Edgy Undercut/via

Nothing will spice up your hairstyle like this edgy undercut will!

6. Framed Bob

Framed Bob

Framed Bob/via

Classy and impeccably framed, this cut is vibrant and glamorous.

7. Feathered Bob

Feathered Bob

Feathered Bob/via

Get funky with some twists and flips!

8. Layered Bob

Layered Bob

Layered Bob/via

Easy and effective, this glamorous bob shows off the wide gradient of colours in this look.

9. Short Shag

Short Shag

Short Shag/via

Vibrant and a bit on the wild side, this look if perfect for anyone looking to have fun!

10. Precise Pixie

Precise Pixie

Precise Pixie/via

Simple and precise, this look is more subtle but equally stunning.

11. Sweeping Pixie

Sweeping Pixie

Sweeping Pixie/via

Modern and edgy, this look retains a softness that enhances it’s femininity.

12. Adorable Bob

Adorable Bob

Adorable Bob/via

What’s not to love about an adorable bob like this? It’s the perfect look!

13. Wavy Bob

Wavy Bob

Wavy Bob/via

Seduce your competition in a wavy bob that simply sings.

14. Twisted Bob

Twisted Bob

Twisted Bob/via

Twisted to achieve a sense of natural beauty, this look is gorgeous.

15. Curled Bob

Curled Bob

Curled Bob/via

While similar, this look screams edgy in a way the last one didn’t.

16. Elegant Bob

Elegant Bob

Elegant Bob/via

Joanie swept men and women off their feet on Mad Men. It’s no surprise the actress who played her has that power off screen as well.

17. Edgy Bob

Edgy Bob

Edgy Bob/via

Cutting edge and undeniably gorgeous, this is a high fashion look.

18. Blunt Fringe

Blunt Fringe

Blunt Fringe/via

Unique in comparison to most, this chic look remains soft and flattering.

19. Rocking Pixie

Rocking Pixie

Rocking Pixie/via

Bright and playful, who wouldn’t want to rock a pixie like this?

20. Swept Pixie

Swept Pixie

Swept Pixie/via

Rihanna graces us with a insanely red cut that is absolutely stunning.

21, Messy Pixie

Messy Pixie

Messy Pixie/via

It’s simple and chic. You really can’t go wrong here.

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