Cute Easy Bob Haircut Ideas for Short Hair - Women Short Bob Hairstyles

10 Easy Bob Haircuts for Short Hair

The bob is a chic, timeless haircut for women. It is an excellent low-maintenance, in-between cut that lets you keep some flattering, face-framing length with a bold, bouncy finish. Bobs can be a variety of different lengths–from barely longer than a pixie cut to a shoulder-length lob.

These short bob haircuts are perfect for women who are in the process of growing out their hair from an even shorter cut and want to get through the inevitable awkward in-between stage as gracefully as possible. These 10 easy bob haircuts for short hair are in line with modern trends for women’s hair and are designed to be low-maintenance and quick and easy to style every morning without stress or frustration.

1. Short Rounded A-Line Bob with Bangs

This rounded bob is perfect for women with thick and/or coarse hair types. It is cropped just above the chin and features voluminous layers that are curled under for a sleek, polished finish.

Straight-across, rounded fringe in front adds balance to this ultra-short bob and helps frame your face to draw more attention to your best facial features.

2. Straight Platinum Blonde Bob

This platinum blonde bob is the picture of sleekness and sophistication. It is elegant while still retaining the fun and carefree style of classic bouncy bobs.

This bob blends white blonde highlights into all-over bright platinum blonde with slightly darker brunette roots for a seamless, natural-looking finish. Its straight, glossy layers add sleekness and shine to this cut and are easy to style in the morning with a flat iron and some smoothing serum.

3. Chin-Length Wavy Honey Blonde Bob with Balayage

This chin-length wavy bob is sleek and flattering with just the right amount of whimsy and a flirty finish.

Balayage weaves multiple shades of blonde–ranging from bright white blonde to warm honey blonde–into this cropped cut, adding interest and style that looks natural. Wavy chin-length layers add even more texture and dimension that keep this cut from falling flat.

4. Tousled Cool Blonde Bob with Shadow Root

This ultra-voluminous short bob is sure to turn heads on the street. Its piece-y layers are teased and wavy to create a tousled, messy-on-purpose style that looks effortlessly chic.

Cool blonde coloring adds trendiness to this bob, while a darker shadow root gives this style a natural-looking finish.

5. Chin-Length Wavy Brunette Bob with Blunt Ends

Bobs with blunt ends are a current top trend in the world of women’s haircuts and styles. This blunt chin-length bob pulls off this trend flawlessly with a carefree, flirty finish.

The blunt ends of this bob fall to your chin in a straight line all around, adding sleek and streamlined style to this cut. Wavy layers add texture and volume to this trendy, modern chin-length bob.

6. Asymmetrical Bob with Blunt Ends

Asymmetrical bobs can be tough to pull off without looking like you left the salon after only getting half a haircut. However, this short blunt bob exceeds expectations for asymmetrical haircuts.

The ends of this asymmetrical bob falls just above your chin on one side and extend a few inches below your chin on the other side. This short bob maintains a sleek, glamorous style and looks put-together despite its whimsical asymmetry with its blunt, straight-across ends and glossy layers.

7. Wavy Platinum Blonde A-Line Bob with Bangs

The piece-y ends of this wavy platinum blonde bob fall along a slight angle that follows the curve of your jawline.

All-over bright platinum blonde coloring and tousled, slightly wavy layers with a messy-on-purpose style add a bold finishing touch to this bob.

8. Layered Brunette Bob with Bangs

If you already have hair that is shoulder-length or longer and don’t want to chop off too much length, this layered bob could be perfect for you.

The layers of this bob are of varying lengths. They range in length from just above your chin to just below your shoulders. These multiple layers and the fringe of this bob frame your face and give this bob a lightweight, streamlined finish.

9. Short Wispy Brunette Bob with Side Bangs

Bob cuts are very versatile and can be styled to accommodate a wide range of hair types, textures, and thicknesses.

This wispy brunette bob is ideal for women with thin and/or fine hair types that require some length and layers to maintain any volume. Its face-framing side bangs and piece-y layers of different lengths add balance to this cut for a streamlined finish.

10. Short Blonde Bob with Side Bangs and Undercut

Perfect for women who are transitioning into or out of a pixie cut, this ultra-cropped short blonde bob is an ideal in-between style.

It features longer layers on top and long side-swept bangs with an undercut in back to keep the longer layers of this cut from looking shaggy or bulky. Multi-dimensional blonde coloring adds interest and balance to this cut and helps blend its layers together for a more seamless, natural-looking finish.

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