Stylish Short Bob Haircut Ideas for Women - Easy Short Straight Hairstyle and Color 2021 - 2022

10 Stylish Short Straight Bob Haircut Ideas in Subtle & Intense Colors

These stylish, short, straight bob haircut ideas all have super, new-season twists. And they range from elegant, soft blonde shades to vibrant, unexpected colors and the latest balayage techniques. So choosing a new look is always something to look forward to and enjoy! It’s exciting reviewing all the new colors and styles that burst onto the fashion scene! And the trendy hair designers never let us down – there are always fabulous new ideas to help us update our beauty look and feel fresh and attractive!

1. Flaming orange geometric haircut – stylish short straight bob haircut ideas

Stylish Short Bob Haircut Ideas for Women - Easy Short Straight Hairstyle and Color 2021 - 2022


Disconnected layers are taken to the extreme in this fashion-forward short haircut, for maximum style! It’s a hairstyle that will get you noticed both for the intensity of the burnt-orange color and the fabulous, geometric cut. Long layers have been given carefully shaped ends over a buzz-cut nape and styled back from the face. Then long, disconnected layers drape down on each side of the face. And the sides have wonderful, comb-texture and movement!

2. Warm cream-blonde with curtain bangs – stylish short straight bob haircut ideas

Cream is one of this seasons favorite fashion colors, so it’s a great idea to have your hair tinted in this warm, light-blonde shade. Cream-blonde is a warm, blonde shade that looks super against skin with warm/neutral undertones. The light-brown roots create 3-D color depth, which makes all hair types appear thicker. And this cute, tapered bob has this season’s trend-setting, curtain bangs to give it an up-to-the-minute twist. With a centre parting and curved long bangs, plus a lovely curved back this style always presents a fabulous profile!

3. Ivory-blonde with orange & gray tips – stylish short straight bob haircut ideas

Here’s another light-blonde bob, but a little shorter and more adventurous in its hair-color design! The shade is a cool, ivory-blonde, with gray and burnt-orange tips. So you get a super, edgy vibe on a classic bob hairstyle! It’s a contemporary mix of warm and cool colors, carefully balanced to suit the model’s skin undertones. And as there’s also a hint of gray at the top roots, this is most suitable for women with cool/neutral skin undertones.

4. Intense copper angled bob – stylish short straight bob haircut ideas

Natural ‘red’ hair is a hair-color that is becoming less frequent and will, eventually, disappear. So thank goodness we can reproduce it so perfectly in the hair salons! This beautifully rounded bob comes down just below the chin, which is a length that suits almost all face shapes. And it has trendy, disconnected layers on either side of the face, to create extra texture and modern style. A few, short strands are included in the mostly one length cut, to break up the smooth surface. And this adds extra interest to a fabulous, orange-copper bob.

5. Futuristic beige-blonde short cut with asymmetric copper-red strand

Worn with a smart LBD, this is the perfect hairstyle to wear to an urban cocktail party. The stylist has added lavender-gray balayage to a soft, beige-blonde hair color for a daring new look. But that’s only half of the story! This season’s new color twist is an asymmetric strand, taken from underneath the face-framing section, colored in a shockingly intense, vivid color. And in this sweet-looking hairstyle, the flash of daring, red-copper is a very creative contrast! Like the model’s natural makeup, with contrasting bold eyeliner!

6. Sunflower yellow asymmetric short hairstyle

If you’re part of fashion’s ‘alternative scene’, here’s something that will interest you. It’s the high-fashion, canary-yellow color on a simple bob haircut. The fashionable features are quite noticeable, including the asymmetry of a deep side parting, and the two different lengths of the sides. But keeping the hair straight, with clean lines balances well with a vibrant, eye-catching color. Keep your makeup and clothes simple, too, and dress-down for a casual, ‘scene’ vibe.

7. Natural golden-beige short hairstyle with surface texture

Combing hair forwards is a popular and attractive trend, and this cute, short bob has a fresh twist for the new season. On straight hair, the texture is ramped up with these pretty, surface waves that add lots of forward movement. The color is new, too, with dark-blonde roots, underpinning a lovely, honey-beige shade. This is a very flattering shade of blonde, for those who find lighter shades a little too draining on the complexion!

8. Wheat-blonde rounded short haircut with curtain bangs

This is a hairstyle with a fantastic, faded-blonde color, that matches the faded, orange-denim, fashion clothes on offer this year! And it also has all the high-fashion, haircut features that are setting the trends for this year. So there’s a centre-parting, with extra-long, curtain bangs swept back over disconnected layers at the sides. This is a retro-60’s hairstyle, so it’s chic with clean lines and a definite, contemporary, identity, which will add extra style to your look every day of the year!

9. Light golden-brown all-over color on simple center-part short hairstyle

If your style tends toward sophisticated hairstyles and fashion clothes, this is a superb new season look. The color is totally new blend of trendy tan, khaki, sand and shell-pink colors on offer in the clothing departments of the best stores. The roots are slightly darker, to add color depth. And the long layers are tapered and styled forwards to create interesting texture and movement. This simple, easy-care, haircut really does have ‘understated elegance’ for all occasions!

10. Light neutral-brown layered bob hairstyle with swept-back curtain bangs

What a fabulous style this is for anyone with thick hair! It has clever, sliced layers, that are tapered at the tips in a vertical direction. And this takes away all of the bulk from the ends and sculpts your hair beautifully. The natural volume of thick hair makes it a very easy style to manage. And the stylist has created lots of attractive texture to ensure your straight hairstyle is full of interesting features!

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