Office Short Hairstyle Ideas for Women - Quick and Simple Short Haircuts

10 Office Short Hairstyle Ideas for Women

Wild fantasy hair color isn’t the best choice for ‘office’ short hairstyle ideas for women. But that doesn’t mean you have to look boring! These classy short hairstyles are full of fabulous new cutting techniques and subtle balayage colors. So you can project an attractive, modern image!

1. Chin-length blonde bob – office short hairstyle ideas for women

Office Short Hairstyle Ideas for Women - Quick and Simple Short Haircuts


Chin-length bobs are popular as a good stylist can adjust them to flatter all ages and face shapes. If you have a round face, the asymmetry of a long, diagonal fringe will add length and break up the round symmetry. Or if you have a long face shape, a diagonal fringe will break up the long line. Then you just need to add volume at the sides to make a narrow face appear wider. This tousled, golden blonde short bob is trendy and cute.

2. Asymmetrical sides short bob – office short hairstyle ideas for women

As a change from an A-line bob, this trendy short hairstyle has asymmetrical sides. Both sides curve in to the jawline in a flattering way to frame the face. This fashionable style works well on medium to thick hair types. And ‘sliced’ layers ensure thick hair falls back into the style after washing. And soft gray, shadowy roots create 3-D color depth contrasted against a cool blonde main color with subtle balayage.

3. Short haircut with twisty texture – office short hairstyle ideas for women

This is a long pixie haircut with lots of interesting new features. The cool, natural blonde color actually blends 3 or 4 different shades. But this is done in a very subtle way to keep the look chic and classy. The back has been shaped to show-off an artistic, modern flower tattoo. And long layers with fabulous twisty waves adds the texture and volume often lacking in fine hair. This fantastic cut is pretty and professional.

4. Short white-blonde pixie haircut – office short hairstyle ideas for women

For sheer style and easy-care, you can’t beat a short hairstyle in an eye-catching color. This is a great hairstyle idea for mature women with naturally white hair. And for younger women who want to get a high-fashion look. The side-part is blurred for a casual look. And the graduated, long asymmetrical bangs add a rounded shape to a wide forehead. This helps balance out a strong jawline and keeps the focus higher up on lovely brown eyes.

5. Muted beige-copper asymmetrical wavy short haircut

This soft and feminine look is just adorable and shows off an oval face shape perfectly. But it can be adjusted to flatter round, heart and a variety of different faces. I love this version of copper, which has been toned down with a generous helping of beige. And there are fine touches of deep-coral in there, too, adding to the warm, but not bright, color. Deep texture and flipped-out tips accentuate eyes and lips in a gorgeous look!

6. Deep side-part pixie haircut on thick black hair

This geometric cut can be styled for a totally neat and professional look, or tousled to add a casual vibe. The strong diametric line across the face is a great way to balance out a round face. Especially as there’s no side volume adding width where it’s not welcome.

7. Mid ash-blonde short bob on mousey-brown base color

One of the distinct advantages of having bleached blonde balayage added to hair is that it thickens each hair. So your hair will have more volume for curvy bob styles. This asymmetric short bob has a cute, bouncy round shape at the back and disconnected layers at the front. So it’s different from most angled bobcuts. With a mini-undercut and sharp point on one side, contrasting with a lovely long fringe draped sexily over the longer side, it’s full of fabulous trendy style!

8. Short platinum blonde bob haircut

This smoothly finished short hairstyle projects a trendy, but professional image that’s suitable for the office. The all-over color avoids the high-fashion contrasts of dark roots and the bright color is complemented by a natural make-up look. Hair tucked neatly behind one ear softens the lines and leaves space for fashionable earrings!

9. Casual bob with long layers and rose-blonde balayage

This beautifully soft blonde color really complements the model’s warm skin undertones. The roots are dark with the balayage starting high up the head. This creates more color cohesion on short hairstyles. Long layers create a face framing style, which needs almost no styling. And the slightly tousled finish adds casual trendiness. But most of all, notice how the colorist has copied the pinky-gold color of the model’s glasses for a fabulous color match!

10. 4 views of short bob with disconnected layers

I love the fantastic, long disconnected layers on the longer side of this trendsetting short hairstyle. This contrasts with the layers on the shorter side, which reach down to ear-lobe level. The layered back creates a softly rounded curved shape, which contrasts with the spiky tips and tousled straight finish. And it’s so easy to style – you’ll never be late for the office!

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