Pretty Ponytail Hairstyle for Long Hair - Ponytail Long Hairstyle Ideas

10 Amazing Ponytail Hairstyles for Long Hair

Today’s fascinating ponytail hairstyles for long hair include lots of styles we’ve never seen before! And that’s what we’re always hungry for isn’t it? These new ideas for styling and color trends will inspire you whether you need a new look for a wedding, the beach or the office!

1. Softly woven formal look – ponytail hairstyles for long hair

Pretty Ponytail Hairstyle for Long Hair - Ponytail Long Hairstyle Ideas


When is a braid not a braid? Well, when it’s so beautifully, but loosely, arranged it looks like the height of elegant coiffure! This stylist has real artistic talent and this sophisticated ponytail style is suitable for any special event. The woven top adds volume and creates fabulous texture and movement. And the mix of dark blonde roots, with several shades of light beige blonde is soft and classy!

2. Stunning copper-orange tribal look – ponytail hairstyles for long hair

At the other end of the scale we have this eye-catching, orange ponytail with darker roots. There’s a definite hint of the tribal faux-hawk in the height on top. And this is complemented by the beautiful color pattern in the attractive side braids. Don’t you think those little touches of green and blonde in the sides add even more trendy style? It’s the perfect fashion ponytail for a music festival or a night out at a club.

3. Elegant twists above low ponytail hairstyles for long hair

Back to classy style, we have another perfect look for a special date or party. Golden blonde hair with matching paler tones looks absolutely fabulous in the thick twists of hair. And fixing the ponytail just an inch or so above the nape adds attractive volume. Wrapping the pony elastic with a thick strand of hair always looks elegant. And loose side-strands facing backwards give a casual, but modern twist!

4. Glamorous braids & knots – ponytail hairstyles for long hair

Now this really is an ‘amazing’ new ponytail look! It continues the season’s love affair with thicker, looser and more elegant braid ponytails. It’s a great idea for a bride, the bridesmaids or a trend-setting guest. The asymmetrical weaving of the hair above a half-hidden in-braided section is breathtaking in its artistic style. And the expert blend of mid-ash-blonde with a neutral-beige ombré ponytail is beautiful!

5. Fancy wedding hairstyles for long hair in ash-beige-blonde

You can see why texture has taken the place of old-fashioned curls, when you see high-class styling like this! The loose side braids are elegant, but relaxed, as they transition to a loose, long ponytail. And the fabulous, loosely woven overlapping sections on top are also excitingly new. The up-to-the-minute ash-blonde color design creates shadows and bright balayage highlights for movement and color depth. And it’s a great way to look your best for any important occasion!

6. Semi-formal double head braids and low pony hairdo

This is a casual-classy look, in a traditional style that’s also been completely updated for this season! The head braids at the sides are flat, and although parallel they have different braid patterns. The lower braid is looser and the links quite elongated, adding even more variety of texture to a dynamic look. The hair from the crown is also highly textured in defined strands. And this accentuates the darker roots and well-blended pale blonde balayage.

7. Oh la la! scarf accessory on puffy braid pony hairdo

This is a vintage, ‘Continental’ hairstyle that you would see on Italian and French movie stars in the 60’s. However, it’s been given a totally modern makeover, to transform it into an eye-catching trendsetter! The single, high braid decorated with a gaily-colored scarf is pure vintage. But the fabulous loose, puffy braid links are strictly now! And those spiky, uneven tapered tips are also a new trend this season. Add in the shadow roots and beautiful golden blonde balayage for a casual, high-fashion ‘do!

8. Messy wavy pony with braided sides on extra-long hair

With braids and waves, plus a tousled finish, this extra-long ponytail hairstyle is already eye-catching. And with natural dark-blonde roots, lightly balayaged in warm honey-blonde tones, every different texture is accentuated. It’s a simple, casual style to do yourself. And one you can safely wear for a day out-of-doors, without worrying about looking untidy.

9. Casual messy pony with blonde balayage

Just been invited out for a day’s shopping, or on the beach? No worries, you can do this casual, beach-wave ponytail yourself in about 3 minutes flat! The centre-part lets you pull down cute face-framing strands at the front. And adding height on top is trendy, face flattering and more stylish than flat hair. Fixing your pony a few inches above the nape gives extra volume and the tousled finish shows off your lovely blonde balayage perfectly!

10. Simple pony hairdo with black velvet ribbon bow

Long, healthy hair doesn’t need to be arranged in complicated styles to look good for everyday wear. So if you’re looking for a practical ponytail hairstyle, you can easily add some classic style with a black silk or velvet ribbon. It’s another vintage idea to wear black ribbon on blonde hair, as it really accentuates the beautiful golden blonde tones. And it draws attention to textured waves or tousled, straight strands!

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