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10 Pretty Bob Haircut Trends to Try Now, Short Hairstyles for Women

Bobs are incredibly fashionable lately. Short hair is coming back – and with a big bang! Opting for a bob will give you a super trendy and textured bob to play with. It will add lots of layers and give you a totally versatile style which looks equally good when straight or curly! We’re here to prove that. We have the most stunning gallery of hairstyles for short hair so get ready to transform your look. Here’s 10 of the best hairstyles for bob hairstyle designed to provide you with the ultimate inspiration.

Straight Graduated Bob Haircut with Highlights

Trendy Short Hair Cuts for Women: Best Short Hairstyles Inspiration


Graduated bobs are another type or short hairstyle which we absolutely cannot get enough of at PoPular Haircuts. The bob has a graduated edge, working from longer at the front of the face to shorter at the back. Opt for a deep caramel blonde and add beautiful ashy blonde highlights throughout for a sun-kissed look.

Wedged Curly Bob Hairstyle with Ringlets

Another wedged bob to add to the collection – but this one totally different from the last! Again, choose a style with longer sections of hair towards the front of the face and shorter layers at the back of the head. Add two shades of stunning blonde as highlights throughout the hair. Work tight ringlets throughout the layers and use hairspray to add some wonderful volume to the back of the head.

Pink Bob with Choppy Layers

There is so much we love about this stunning hairstyle that we don’t quite know where to start! Steal the style by chopping your locks into a graduated bob. Keep the layers shorter at the back of the head and slightly longer towards the front of the face. Finish with lots of short layers to create an incredible curved shape and finish with blunt fringe. Dye your favourite shade of bubblegum pink for an amazing end result!

Tousled Brown Bob with Blonde Highlights

Highlights create a wonderful sun-kissed effect for your hair that you simply won’t be able to get enough of. Recreate this look by asking for a short bob. Part your hair to the side and leave one sweeping fringe section. Dye your hair a dark brown and highlight with golden blonde from top to bottom. Add texture throughout for an amazing finish.

Swept Back and Curled Balayage Bob

Balayage is a stunning hair transition which blends two colours together seamlessly. It looks every bit as beautiful on short hair as it does on long hair – so let’s steal this style! Start by chopping your hair into a cute bob which falls around the ear length. Opt for a side parting so that you get a long fringe. Choose a balayage blend of dark to light brown. Sweep the hair back and curl to finish.

Curly Red Wedged Bob

Wedged bobs are the perfect short hairstyle. They’re absolutely full of sass and style. The layers are longer at the front of the face and cropped shorter to the back of the head. It’s full of stacked and cropped layers to create a unique curved style. Dye your hair a vibrant shade of red and add curls throughout for an amazing end result.

Tousled Balayage Blonde Bob

Balayage will blend two hair colours together seamlessly creating a colour melt. Steal this incredible style by chopping your hair into a jaw length bob. Add lots of shorter layers throughout and roughly curl your balayage blonde hair. Use your fingers to tousle the hair and run your fingers through the curls to make a fantastic finish.

Silver Bob with Long Fringe

Contemporary and chic, we simply can’t get enough of this stunning silver bob. This incredible haircut is a relatively  bob which falls around the jaw length. Keep the layers shorter at the back of the head to create this wonderful shape. Add a longer side fringe and keep the locks straight. Add a soft tousle to the layers on the top of the head.

Loosely Curled Brown and Blonde Bob

Versatility is a huge factor in what makes bobs such popular haircuts. They look equally impressive when straight or curly, but we must admit that curly is our favourite. Steal this style by choosing a wonderful stacked bob with lots of short layers to the back of the head. Keep your natural colour underneath and add blonde highlights to the top. Finish with loose curls throughout and lots of texture.

Brown and Blonde Bob with Loose Waves

Highlights can bring your bob hairstyle to life. This hair is cut an inch or so below the jaw. The bottom layer of hair has a deep and dark brown shade. The top layers, which are choppy and stylish, are full of blonde highlights. Add a loose wave throughout the top layers to create a wonderful wavy end result.

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