Stylish Short Haircuts - Women Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

10 Best Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair in Fab New Color Combos

With warmer weather enticing us to socialize more with friends and family, it’s time to update your hair cut and color! Colorists are taking creativity to the limit this season with artistic color blends of ash-blonde and ash-brown.  And if your skin has a warm undertone you can choose from the gorgeously soft, elegant and flattering beige colors. Scarlet red is a strong trend for brunettes right now. And for the really adventurous – check out the amazing, iridescent colors in my final choice of fine, fresh and fabulous short hairstyles for you today!

Amazing short hairstyles for thick hair in ash-blonde

Stylish Short Haircuts - Women Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair


Thick hair is so easy to style when cut in the classic angled bob and it always looks modern.  But show that you’re always just ahead of the next trend with this gray and ash-blonde color design.  It’s an individual look with varied thick and thin bands of ash-blonde highlighting. The roots are ash-brown and the look is expertly finished with dark brown tips accentuating the line at the back and along the sides!

Fabulous flaming red short hairstyles for thick hair

Long straight hair can be difficult to manage if it’s thick and slow to dry in the mornings.  And you’re missing out on a great way to show your style credentials if it’s also fairly shapeless.  Look at the lovely, angled-bob makeover style above and you can see a huge change in how the model presents herself to the world.  Long, windswept, scarlet hair suggests ‘hippy’, but this model has gained a chic, well-groomed and well-organized image by losing the length, but keeping the rich color!

Quirky chopped-off short hairstyles for thick hair in beige-blonde

This edgy hairstyle looks fabulous with trendy waves and straightened tips creating a ragged line!  And the fantastic blend of neutral brown roots with dual, beige-blonde highlights adds lots of 3-D color dimension.  This is a great short hairstyles’ idea for thick hair that has some natural wave, as it’s easy to style and the messy finish will last all day long!

Trendy two-tone neutral-blonde short hairstyles for thick hair

Not only is this a very fashionable cut, but it’s also a great style if you’d like to draw attention away from a large nose.  The shaved undercut on brunette adds an edgy focus point on one side, and a deep side-part suits long, heart or round faces.  The asymmetrical line at the back is a new idea and the lovely, neutral blonde color is one of the trendiest new shades!

Cheeky beige pixie cut with choppy cut-off waves

Medium and thick hair with a natural wave is perfect for this chic and carefree pixie cut.  Choppy waves with straightened tips add a nice touch of ‘attitude’ to save curly hair from looking old-fashioned.  And the gorgeous blend of ash-blonde, beige and neutral blonde creates loads of 3-D depth and complements a warm skin-tone beautifully!

Incredibly intense red on two-in-one short hairstyle

Undercut details add extra style to this trendy angled bob, which is a real two-in-one short haircut.  For work you have a smooth, sleek style in a rich, auburn shade that creates an up-to-the-minute and professional look.  And for leisure time, this length can be whisked up into a punky, high top-knot with shaved back and sides in no more than two minutes!

Winning white-blonde pixie with asymmetric back

We love the swept-across fringe, so it makes sense to echo that in an asymmetric, swept-across line at the back!  This new blonde shade is slightly softer than platinum-blonde. It has a hint of gold making it a good choice for skin that has a warm undertone.  It’s suitable for naturally fair hair and creates an eye-catching short, chic look!

Super-trendy silver-toned ash & beige-blonde asymmetric short

This is a beautiful new color design for any blonde pixie cut that’s ready for a summer refurbishment!  The buzz-cut side and back show off the pretty, beige-blonde color on the roots.  The top layers have a gorgeous, pearly glimmer from the super-trendy ash-blonde with a hint of lavender tint!  The result is a feminine, romantic style drawing attention to the model’s sparkling blue eyes!

Super-quick & chic brunette pixie with shaped side

If you prefer to stick with your natural hair color and favor an easy-care, easy to style short haircut, this is a great idea!  Thick hair thinned at the tips creates a very fashionable asymmetric pixie, with a strong, layered shape.  The crown has cute, short layers for extra volume and extra appeal from the attractively shaped line at the temples!

Futuristic metallic shades & long textured tips

Although gray hair color was previously a huge trend in the Swinging Sixties, it was never like this!  This superb blend of lavender-gray, pastel-green and beige-gold is a brilliant copy of the iridescent colors of technology!  The stylist has added ultra-textured tips and disconnected layers to transform a classic, angled bob into a futurist haircut full of exciting style!

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