Stacked Pixie

20 Stunning Pixie Cuts For This Summer

While we may be half way through summer, that doesn’t mean it’s too late to amp up your sense of style. Buying a whole new wardrobe is expensive and time consuming. It this gorgeous summer weather who wants to hang around inside instead of hitting up the beaches? Instead, change it up with a sexy new pixie haircut. It’s faster, cheaper and just as effective.

1. Sweeping Pixie

Sweeping Pixie

Sweeping Pixie/via

Are you the smooth and glamorous type? This sweeping pixie may just be the look for you.

2. Ombre Pixie

Ombre Pixie

Ombre Pixie/via

What’s more fun than playing with colours? Try out this super chic ombre look.

3. Casual Pixie

Casual Pixie

Casual Pixie/via

A modern and certainly more feminine take on the school boy cut, this look is stunning for it’s simplicity.

4. Messy Pixie

Messy Pixie

Messy Pixie/via

Don’t be afraid to get messy! This look is perfect for all you wild child’s out there.

5. Sleek Pixie

Sleek Pixie

Sleek Pixie/via

This stunner is so simple that you’d be crazy not to try it!

6. Layered Pixie

Layered Pixie

Layered Pixie/via

To add some real texture to your look, try out a sexy layered look.

7. Classic Pixie

Classic Pixie

Classic Pixie/via

No need to be daring if the initial “chop” from long to short is big enough. Keep it simple with this classic look.

8. Asymmetrical Pixie

Asymmetrical Pixie

Asymmetrical Pixie/via

But, if you’re looking to mix up what you already have, this might be a fun look to try!

9. Side Part Pixie

Side Part Pixie

Side Part Pixie/via

Gorgeously voluminous, Lily Collins shows us how to rock and intense part.

10. Stacked Pixie

Stacked Pixie

Stacked Pixie/via

Irresistible. Ginnifer Goodwin is queen of stacked hair and it’s no wonder why.

11. Swept Pixie

Swept Pixie

Swept Pixie/via

Glamorous and undeniably elegant, this is definitely a look that deserves a try.

12. Playful Pixie

Playful Pixie

Playful Pixie/via

Full of summer youth and spirit, this look is easy and great for the summer.

13. Ruffled Pixie

Ruffled Pixie

Ruffled Pixie/via

A variation of a messy pixie, this ruffled look is very chic.

14. Gelled Pixie

Gelled Pixie

Gelled Pixie/via

While most think they should stay away from hair gels, this shows us that it can still be used in a way that is both flattering and effective.

15. Cute Pixie

Cute Pixie

Cute Pixie/via

Cute and simple, this is the perfect summer look for any sweet girl!

16. Parted Pixie

Parted Pixie

Parted Pixie/via

The stylish part is what sells this look.

17. Spiked Pixie

Spiked Pixie

Spiked Pixie/via

No one looked hotter than Emma Watson when she went for the chop! This could be you.

18. Twisted Pixie

Twisted Pixie

Twisted Pixie/via

An age old classic, Halle Berry’s pixie is timeless in it’s funk and elegance.

19. Tall Pixie

Tall Pixie

Tall Pixie/via

For a dynamic look add some height to your hair!

20. Intense Part Pixie

Intense Part Pixie

Intense Part Pixie/via

Or, play it up with an intense part!

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