Easy Everyday Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair - Medium Haircut with Color Ideas 2021 -2022

10 Trendy Everyday Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair in Amazing Colors

It looks like this year is going to be one of the most creative years on record for hair color designs on trendy, everyday hairstyles! For medium-length hair, the style and color options are more edgy than ever before. And anyone who thinks that a medium-length bob is a ‘safe’ style, needs to see this amazing gallery of the latest cuts and fantastic color innovations!

1. Curly copper haircut with orange balayage  – trendy everyday hairstyles for medium length hair

Easy Everyday Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair - Medium Haircut with Color Ideas 2021 -2022


If you have naturally curly hair, you’re in luck because it’s back in fashion this year! Curly hair looks cute when left to be its natural self, and creates lots of effortless volume. Seen from the side, you can appreciate the fabulous ‘big-hair’ silhouette of this new cut, which reverses the trend for angled bobs with a shorter back. It’s a lovely copper-brown base, with lots of orange balayage and unusual brown lowlights in the nape hair! Bold, bright and beautiful and definitely ready for anything!

2. Long beige-blonde bob – trendy everyday hairstyles for medium length hair

Here’s a lovely, everyday style for medium-length hair cut in a long bob. The root contrast is minimal, creating a modern, shadow roots vibe that softens the overall look. And there’s a new twist from the balayage which starts at the roots and then becomes light-beige in the middle section, before going a tone darker in the last third of the length. The ends have a touch of trendy, yellow-blonde for a color makeover that has several new features for this season!

3. Orange ‘contrast bangs’ on black messy bob – trendy everyday hairstyles for medium length hair

This is a great style for adding volume to medium or fine hair, as the strong wave pattern and tousled styling add width. And there’s a narrow, short, arched fringe that has longer disconnected layers at the sides, which is a totally new feature for this season. Textured tips on the the deep-pink and orange fringe soften the line and create a flattering focus on the eyes. And finally, the vibrant pink and red-orange in the bangs, with yellow-orange highlighting the shorter layers at the sides, brings black hair to life in a style that’s full of lively movement!

4. Soft neutral beige with cream balayage – trendy everyday hairstyles for medium length hair

Beige and cream hair color designs add lots of natural, hair-fashion appeal to this medium haircut. The trendy center-part has flattering, light-reflecting balayage framing the upper face in a lovely, modern way. And soft, creamy-beige ombré draws attention to the model’s lips, below open waves that are positioned to reveal well-shaped cheek-bones. And as you can see, oval face shapes can also wear off-centre part with a cute quiff, and a peek-a-boo section draped seductively across one side of the face!

5. Rainbow bangs & balayage on brunette lob haircut

What jumps out most from this image, after you take in the glorious rainbow fringe, is the model’s eyes. And that’s because the colorist has made sure to complement her green eyes in this expert hair color design. So always go to a colorist who has training in the latest coloring techniques, because a rainbow design always need to be tailored to your eye-color and natural skin undertones. For green eyes, lavender-pink, lavender, palest blue, and just a touch of trendy yellow all accentuate eye-color. And this new, symmetric color pattern is definitely one to watch this season, as it’s proving very popular!

6. Red-orange face-framing highlights on ash-blonde mid-length hairstyle

Matched with a black vinyl, leather-look, backless dress – this easy-care hairstyle is going to be a favorite amongst the ‘alternative scene’ set this year! It’s a daring look that contrasts two different statement colors, both of which are high-fashion right now. Does it work? Yes, it definitely does, as ash-blonde and red-orange both qualify as cool colors! People tend to think of the color, red, as a warm shade, but it contains a lot of blue and is a cool color. The super-trendy, border or curtain highlights create flattering, soft waves to frame the face on a stunning new look!

7. Natural copper-brown with subtle balayage

Natural copper-brown is a beautiful shade and this colorist has added lots of extra fashion style with balayage and a subtle ombré in a slightly lighter shade. The center-part with ‘curtain bangs’ has become a major trend for this season and with bright copper balayage, it’s a lovely feature. And it’s a good choice for anyone who would like to minimise the width of a broad forehead.

8. Asymmetric hair color in beige & white on long straight hair

This simple, straight hairstyle is made into an interesting and alluring look just by adding artistic balayage colors. The color pattern appears random, but it has actually been carefully planned to create a new, asymmetrical hair color fashion look. And from a center- or off-center-part, the hair is highlighted in the top layers on one side, and on the under-layers on the opposite side. So the face-framing sections are different colors, which in this case are golden-beige and white-blonde!

9. Fine blonde balayage on coffee-dark brunette medium hairstyle with waves

The contrast between the dark roots and the fabulous pearly-beige color at the ends of this attractive haircut is exciting! And the warmer-looking colors of burgundy and yellow on the middle section create a lovely, softening effect on the face-framing waves. Fine balayage is the perfect way to retain your brunette base, whilst you cover up any gray hairs in a fabulously trendy look! It’s a chic hairstyle that’s easy to manage for a casual, fashionable everyday hairstyle!

10. New mullet haircut in beige-blonde with white fringe for fine hair

This is a super, trendsetting haircut, which is the first step towards an avalanche of interest in the famous, ‘mullet haircut’ from the 1970’s! This soft and gentle look is a great choice for medium to fine hair types and it’s easy to style for everyday wear. The lovely hair color design updates the mullet to this year’s high-fashion hairstyle, with contrasting white blonde bangs for a trendy, ‘contrast’ feature. And including the white fringe and shorter side layers, there are four main colors here. So with graphite-dark roots, soft mid-beige in the middle and pale yellow-blonde on the tapered tips, this is an attractive new cut-and-color idea to try!

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