Trendy Short Hairstyle for Girls, Blonde Hair

Trendy Short Hairstyle for Girls: Blonde Hair

The admiring golden blonde hair is blow-dried out to show off the various layers cut round the back and sides which brings the look shape and movement.

The trendy short hairstyle is tapered into the back of the head, with layers blending into the sides that fall down the ears. The top layers are swept over to one side to frame the face and also brings it a weightless and wispy look. The stylish layers can add much style and shape to the whole look. Long layers cut round the edges in order to make the hairstyle softer and tender. This smooth straight subtly layered looks cute and charming and it is perfectly proper for people with fine to medium hair kinds.

Styling Steps

  • Smooth all the hair to get rid off the tangles.
  • Trim the hair from the side and create the back one longer than the side one.
  • Layer some side-sweeping bangs subtly across the forehead to make the entire hairstyle look and feel tender and soft.


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