Modern Short Bob Haircut, Easy Short Hair Styles for Women, Girls

10 Modern Short Bob Haircut Ideas – New Twists

There’s a new vibe in the latest modern, short bob haircuts! From chunky, squared-off shapes to quirky, white-blonde bobs with light-brown bangs, the looks are fresh and flattering. Warm copper and exciting iced-brown shades add spice along with smart, black short bobs – so this gallery covers lots of new trends!

Chunky messy modern short bob haircut

Modern Short Bob Haircut, Easy Short Hair Styles for Women, Girls


The latest trendy shape for short bobs is a chunky, square silhouette. As you can see above, the shape has been elongated with extra volume at the back making a long rectangle. But to break up the solid shape, beautifully soft shades of honey blonde create texture and pattern. The bob has long layers, with a few shorter layers at the back making it easy to fluff up in a messy finish.

Simple & natural brunette – modern short bob haircut

Show off your face with a simple, natural bob haircut just touching the shoulders. This style has a center-part to accentuate the symmetry of an oval face and is suitable for fine to medium hair. Long layers at the back have an attractive natural curve and lightly textured tips add lightness at the tips. And to finish the look subtle, blonde balayage highlights the tousled styling!

Curvacious styled modern short bob haircut

This side-part chin-length bob is one of the classic bob styles that flatters lots of different face shapes. Long, diagonal bangs effective break up the line of a long face, and can cover a broad forehead on a heart face, too. Asymmetry and flat sides, helps break up the roundness of round faces. And lovely neutral-blonde over beige roots accentuates the pretty forward styling that frames the face beautifully!

Surface waves on brunette modern short bob haircut for thick hair

This is a fabulous style choice for dark, thick hair with natural volume. It’s a trendy inverted bob, with a strong graduation reaching down to the collar-bone. This creates a fabulous profile on a fashionable asymmetric haircut. The surface has lots of interesting texture from surface waves. And these are subtly highlighted with fine touches of ash-blonde balayage!

Boho pale natural blonde on A-line bob for fine hair

Taking the bob down to a couple of inches below the chin helps add length to a round face. But the center-part on this model is perfect to show off her oval face. The cool off-white and pale beige-blonde colors suit skin with cool undertones. And dusty pink tips adds a nice touch of rebel to this tousled, short bob that has 3-D color depth – all designed to add volume and density!

Face-framing chin-length bob for heart-shaped faces

Bobs with bangs are great for balancing out heart-shaped faces. The cute eye-brow-length bangs cover a wide forehead and focus attention on the eyes. And hair draped either side of the chin adds ‘width’ that draws attention away from a narrow or pointed chin. This cute, natural look is finished with a super-soft, iced-brown color that’s matches this model’s hazel eye color perfectly!

Burnt-orange roots and orange-blonde asymmetric bob

These fab, eye-catching colors are suitable for skin with a warm or neutral undertone. The look is super-trendy, with a strong asymmetric vibe. And this is a great style to break up the lines of a long, round or heart face. The hair-color design plays around with rich copper roots that lighten to orange-beige and finish with warm-beige tips. The casual finish creates tousled texture showing off the lovely color blend!

Sculpted black short bob for thick hair

This contemporary short bob with bangs shows how to cut thick or coarse, straight hair for a perfect hairstyle. ‘Sliced layers’ are cut vertically, creating strands that are tapered at the tips, so you get volume around the crown, but no bulk at the tips. Gently shaped hair hugs the nape and disconnected layers by the chin draw attention to the lips!

Quirky oat-blonde bob with beige-brown straight-across bangs

Set the trends with this dual color combo in oatmeal-white and light ash-brown! This short bob haircut is full of interesting shape and texture, too. And from an asymmetric side part, there’s another twist in the disconnected longer layer on the side beneath the parting. A cute, straight-across fringe shows-off the brows and hazel eyes in a super-trendy, casual bob haircut!

Simple warm copper medium bob with curved tips

An off-centre part suits faces that are almost, but not quite, oval in shape. This style frames the face with long layers in a warm copper-brown hair-color that draws attention to deep-brown eyes. This everyday hairstyle is easy to keep looking great all day and can easily be curled or worn in an updo for a variety of fashionable looks!

When choosing your new style make sure you know your face shape and always choose a hair-color that brings out the color of your eyes!

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