Paris Hilton Haircut, Blonde Bob

Paris Hilton Haircut: Blonde Bob

This neck-length blonde bob hairstyle looks cute and neat. The fine smooth hair lays neatly along the sides of the face and in the fringe area.

The bangs are cut horizontally. The two sides are textured along the bottom edge with a slight razor-cut or point-cut skill to make the blunted hairline softer, yet leaving the hairstyle with wonderful and defined shape.

Styling Tips

  • Begin by sectioning off the fringe area of the hair. Cut the fringe straight across a horizontal line. Comb the bangs together from both the right and left sides.
  • Use the razor angled slightly against the hair and softly ‘shave’ the last third of the hair to make the line softer.
  • Use the razor as directed above and ‘shave’ the bottom inch of the cut line. Work your way round the head in the manner until you have razor-cut all along the bottom edge of the cut.
  • Use a blow-dryer on a high-heat, low-speed setting and a round brush to make all the hair smooth.

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