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22 Cute Inverted Bob Hairstyles

Inverted bobs are just downright stylish; and that’s a fact. Shorter in the back and longer in the front, they offer angles from edgy and sharp to subtle and seductive, so it’s easy to find a cut that suits your style. Check out these 22 cute inverted bob hairstyles that will have you craving to chop your locks.

Chocolate Brown Framing Inverted Bob with Full Fringes

This look is super adorable, framing the face beautifully thanks to a cut that flips inward just below the chin and full fringes that skim just below the eyebrow. Loving her soft chocolate brown hue as well!

Cute short bob haircut with blunt bangs

Silky Inverted Bob with Volumized Back

Screaming with modern fashion and finishing with a contemporary look, this edgy and artsy look is sure to be a hit any time of day. She leaves her brown and black locks stick straight, adding some product for a silky appearance. She teases the back just a tad to really showcase her uniquely angled haircut.

highlighted short inverted bob hairstyle

Hot Pink

Take your inverted bob for ordinary to intense and eye-catching simply by indulging in one of the hottest hair colors for 2016, hot pink! Try to keep your makeup minimal with hair like this, so your hair can do the talking!

Redhead - short graduated bob hairstyle for women

Super Short Inverted Bob with Side Bangs

A cute, flirty hairstyle that looks wonderful for round faces, her inverted bob is chopped in front by the chin and left extra short in the back. Her side bangs are adorable and they’re wispy enough for her eye to peek out from behind in a sultry manner.

short inverted bob hairstyle for women

A-Line Style with Highlights

With an a-line look that’s downright stunning, she gives her hair even more alluring contrast using blonde highlights throughout her brown mane.

medium inverted bob hairstyle with highlights

Angled and Layered with Swept Back Bangs

Why stop the layers with an extreme angle? Adding layers throughout your inverted bob haircut will add so much dimension and depth, everyone will be wondering where you got your hair done! Leave your bangs lengthy and toss them back and to the side for a youthful, enticing style.

Popular short inverted bob haircut

Extra Short Inverted Bob with Layered Back

Wanting to add some stunning body to your locks? It’s a cinch when you start with an extra short inverted bob, the back layered to oblivion with tons of different lengths and sizes.

short inverted bob hairstyle for fine thin hair

Lengthy Inverted Bob with Wispy Fringes

Her inverted bob hairstyle has that cute, schoolgirl appear that’s downright fabulous! The wispy bangs give her face a youthful makeover while an extra lengthy haircut leaves plenty of room for styling.

inverted A-line ombre bob hairstyle with blunt bangs

Asymmetrical with Side Swept Bangs

One easy way to add some enticing contrast to your locks is to opt for an asymmetrical cut. It’s hip and stylish, and the extreme side part gives this look a burst of modern trend. Kick it up a notch with some sexy side swept bangs and bright blonde hair coloring for a summery hairdo that rocks.

smooth inverted bob hairstyle for short hair

Simple Angle: Side View

Not too extreme but not too subtle, this simply angled inverted bob hairstyle is perfect for women over 50 or women who simply want a tame style that’s still on-trend.

Simple easy daily haircut ideas - Inverted bob hairstyle

Inward-Flipped Bob: Easy Short Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Flipping the ends of your hair in towards your face is a quick and easy way to add a coquettish bounce to your locks while framing your face perfectly. Loving her sweet, feminine inverted bob hairstyle!

short round inverted bob hairstyle

Frizzy Purple Curls

Wow! Talk about some enchanting curls. These vibrant purple locks are given some intense and lively body with some frizzy medium sized curls. An awesome everyday look!


inverted wavy curly purple bob hairstyle

Extreme Angled Inverted Bob with Highlights

The combination of vibrant grayish-white locks with hints of soft browns throughout creates a trendy and stylish contrast that rocks 2016. But what we’re really loving is this intense, edgy angle with a super-chopped back and tons of length up front; so sexy!

Lovely short inverted bob hairstyle

Extra Short Inverted Bob with Lots of Stacking

‘Stacking’ the back of an inverted bob is an easy way to create a textured hairstyle that looks full-bodied and fun. Loving her contrasting colors from the top and bottom half of her locks; so gorgeous.

short inverted bob hairstyle 2016

Loads of Layers: Short Haircuts for Thick Hair

This funky and youthful look is loaded with tons of bouncy layers, all chopped to different lengths for a really full-bodied and flirty finish. A great look for students or for younger gals who want a perky style for everyday wear.

Inverted bob cut with layers

Sultry A-line Inspiration

While her look may appear casual and tame, it’s certainly got that sex appeal we all crave. Her a-line inspired inverted bob has a subtle angle with plenty of length near the front of her face, skimming her shoulders just barely, creating a full but bouncy look. She tosses her lengthy bangs to one side for some added trend.

Invert A- line bob hairstyle

Mahogany Middle Part

There’s seriously SO much to love about this lively and artsy look, from the beautiful mahogany coloring to the lovely layers from front to back. This textured hairstyle is certainly one that pairs well with your favorite jeans or your little black dress in a flash.

layered red Inverted Bob Hairstyles

Ombre Inverted Bob: Women Short Hairstyle Ideas

Talk about some INTENSE color! This lengthy bob is brought to life using some vibrant hues, with a shockingly bright purple up top to some unique, look-at-me white ends. A ‘fairytale’ style that’s sure to take over the room!

layered ombre Inverted Bob Hairstyles

Super Lengthy Bob Cuts

Everyone thinks that a bob haircut has to be ridiculously short; well, this look proves otherwise! This gorgeous super lengthy bob keeps plenty of length to her man while still being bouncy and fresh. Her angle is perfect and we’re loving the light brown highlights, complementing her skin tone perfectly.

Long Straight Inverted Bob Hairstyles

Jet Black Side Part: A-line Long Bob Hair Styles

We’re loving this edgy look. Her jet black locks are sexy and enticing while bright red lips complement her artsy fashion perfectly. An extreme side part leaves her lengthy side swept bangs dangling majestically over one eye, creating a mysterious and alluring appearance.

Inverted Bob Hairstyles

Straight Long Bob Hair Cut

This long bob has just a pinch of angle, giving the look some contrast you wouldn’t find with just a simple blunt cut. If you’re looking for something lengthy and cute, not too extreme, this is it.

Inverted Bob Hairstyles for medium length hair

Voluminous Curled Bob

These curls are just downright glamorous. Tons of volume thanks to a large-barreled curling iron, it’s a great look for prom or any other fancy occasion where looking like a queen is a must.

balyage inverted wavy bob hairstyle

Inverted bobs are just simply one of the trendiest styles to consider. which style are you considering?