10 Women's Long Hair Color Trends in Vivid Rainbow Designs

10 Women’s Long Hair Color Trends in Vivid Rainbow Designs

These are the brightest and most original new hair color techniques available for adding extra-special highlights, balayage and ombré to blonde and brunette hair. And you’ll find all the new colors like red-violet, forest-green, orange, yellow, plum and indigo here in rainbow mixes that simply leap off the page!

1. Plum, coral & beige blonde on brunette – women’s long hair color trends

10 Women's Long Hair Color Trends in Vivid Rainbow Designs


Following the new trend for three main color areas on long hair, we also have a new color to introduce! It’s a variation on plum or red-violet and can be added to many different base colors, because the colorist can adjust the shade to suit your hair and skin undertones. This imaginative hair color design has warm copper flashes in the centre back. And the balayage transitions to a fabulous beige ombré. With wavy texture, the hair divides and shows off the super mix of complementary and contrasting color!

2. Light ash-blonde with red-orange tips – women’s long hair color trends

This easy-care long hairstyle is simple, yet eye-catching, owing to the expanse of white ash-blonde. But the real surprise is the vivid ombré in red-orange, added to the last few inches of the hair. The roots are light ash and there’s a touch of pale beige-blonde in the hair framing the face, which softens the look. There are a few layers at the front to soften the line between the chin and the ends. And the smooth texture is contrasted by the heavily textured, sharp tips highlighted in sunset orange!

3. New red-violet with orange, white and golden blonde – women’s long hair color trends

Here’s a shorter version of the plum, copper and white triple-band color design. The haircut is a long, A-line bob or lob that slopes down to the front from shorter layers at the back. The style has a center part, and face-flattering waves frame the face. Your colorist should choose a shade that brings out the color of your eyes. And as you can see from the flower pattern on the model’s top, copper-orange always complements blue. The tousled texture adds volume to fine hair and shows off the wonderful colors!

4. White underneath layers on brunette long hair – women’s long hair color trends

Underlights are the latest trend-setting hair color design for long hair and it’s a simple way to add loads of fashion impact to your hair. You can dye the underneath layer of your hair any color, but at present the fashion is for strong contrasts. Like the long hairstyle above, which has white-blonde beneath espresso-brown hair. The underlight color must complement your skin undertones, so this model has chosen cool-white to contrast with her cool-brown natural shade!

5. Stunning indigo, orange yellow & black

I think the best word to describe this hair-color design is flamboyant, which is defined as tending to attract attention because of its exuberance, confidence, and stylishness! The colorist has chosen strong indigo-blue for the roots of this long hairstyle, because blue and orange are classed as ‘complementary’ colors on the official Color Wheel. Indigo is a blend of dark-blue and purple, and there are burnt-orange, orange and yellow balayage highlights. And this works well as yellow and purple are complementary colors, too. And to add a touch of extra texture, black lowlights complete a super-star look!

6. Extra-long center-part brunette with white & beige-blonde balayage

You can create so many different looks when you start changing the color of different areas of your hair. For example, this model’s extra-long hair looks shorter, because the beige-blonde defined ombré doesn’t show up against the white blouse as much as her brown hair. The center-part is arranged to emphasize the symmetry of the model’s oval face and white-highlights reflect light onto her face in a flattering way. The cool balayage colors match the model’s cool skin undertones and blue eyes and add a huge amount of extra interest to this simple hairstyle!

7. Vivid neon orange, green, purple, yellow rainbow streaks on long black hair

Here’s a great way to add stunning color to black hair with outrageous neon and rainbow colors in a completely original balayage design! It’s mainly the top layers that have been colored, so you get plenty of reverse 3-D contrast of the vivid colors standing out well from the black background. This is a stunning look suitable for a rock festival, party and ‘cool’ special events in general. And this image only shows the hair down, but I’ll bet it look even more amazing in braids and upstyles!

8. White underlights on brunette long hairstyle with center part

Dark espresso-coffee brunette looks far more interesting with the addition of beige-blonde babylights around the face. And trendy underlights lighting up the underneath layers of the model’s dark hair. Center-parts suit oval face shapes, but you can copy this style with the part adjusted to flatter your individual face shape. Light blue/green eyes look especially cute with blonde highlights on dark hair as it’s an unusual combination!

9. Mid ash-blonde with green, orange, yellow, red-violet  & turquoise balayage

It’s really unusual in everday life to see all of these colors together! But they look really super and remind me of shelves of sewing cotton colors or knitting wool in craft stores. There’s a good balance between the very light, soft gray roots and beige-blonde 3-D balayage to tone down so much bright color. And the colorist has chosen the range of colors carefully to suit the model’s skin undertones, which are cool or neutral. In particular, there are the latest high-fashion colors of forest-green, plum, orange and yellow for a fantastic party look!

10. White-blonde straight hair with wide pink, yellow, green & blue highlights

And here’s another new color technique, which uses very much wider, vertical bands of color to make a bigger style statement on long, straight hair. The soft oat-blonde hair has a center-part and frames the face down to the chin in a flattering look. And then it switches to broad sections of fantasy colors that give long hair a ton of extra interest, texture and movement! Imagine how cool it looks in an upstyle or braids!

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