Avril Lavigne Long Hairstyle: voluminous hair, punk bracelets & dark eyes

Avril Lavigne Long Hairstyles

Looking every inch the young rebel, Avril is wearing her fabulous long hair in defined loose waves that are very tousled for a casual look. The hair is all one-length with the ends cut into highly tapered tips to create a wispy look. The side parting is made with the fingers to keep it informal and the hair flows down into a super-long fringe section falling diagonally across the face.

The beautifully harmonised medium and light blonde balayage technique create lots of added texture and colour depth. And along with the punk outfit and studded leather bracelets, the hair has some very defiant strands of bright pink and black to present a very independent style.

Avril Lavigne Easy Long Hair

This is a modern take on the ‘biker’ look which softens the traditional bleached platinum blonde with some beautiful highlighting!

The hair is all one length with a centre-parting which divides at the front in a softly waved frame accentuating Avril’s blue-grey eyes.  The roots are slightly darker and the top is a pale golden blonde shade which becomes an exciting blend of wheat blonde and honey strands underneath!

Avril Lavigne Easy Long Hair

Avril Lavigne Easy Long Hair

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