Long, Braided Hairstyles for Wavy Hair, Girls Hair Styles

Long, Braided Hairstyles for Wavy Hair: Girls Haircut

Long curls added to the mid-lengths to ends of the brunette tresses bring it a great deal of bounce and movement which is perfect for people with long face structures.

The ultra-long hair in loose curls can enhance your charm and grace greatly and the stunning style is great for formal and informal events.

The soft curls can be simple to create. Choose a medium radial brush to help make the wavy or curly hair textures neat. Set hair in large hot roller to achieve large soft curls and get volume and bounce, and then tousle curls and finger comb tresses into place. Create the side front hair into woven 3 braids and drag the hair ends back and then pin them with clear bands.

Length: Long
Type: Wavy; Braided
Hair Color: Brown

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