Stylish Ombre Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair - Ombre Hair Color Ideas

10 Ombre Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

These lovely new haircuts show-off lots of gorgeous blonde ombré hairstyles for medium length hair. Hair fashion colors change so quickly it pays to keep up-to-date. So come on in and enjoy the show!

1. Beige roots to icy white Nordic blonde – ombre hairstyles for medium length hair

Stylish Ombre Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair - Ombre Hair Color Ideas


This long bob transitions seamlessly from warm beige at the roots down through blonde balayage and then snow-white tips. As it has a centre-part, the colorist has accentuated the face with a white balayage frame. The steep bob angle and that cute halfway-down wave pattern add edgy style and a casually chic vibe!

2. Mid ash-brown with beige & white balayage – ombre hairstyles for medium length hair

One of the latest trends is for shadow roots, which are not so dark as last year’s root colors. Blending ash-blonde roots down into silver- and light beige-blonde balayage creates a more artistic look. And the overall look is more natural and sophisticated. Loose surface waves and the odd flipped-out tip add attractive texture and volume. And wispy, tapered tips are very fashionable right now!

3. Simple straight bob with choppy ends in beige-brown-blonde – ombre hairstyles for medium length hair

The soft beige blends currently on trend, soften the face and add ‘class’ to all hairstyles. This easy-care, straight bob is so simple to manage at home. And yet it’s full of fashionable features that look great all day. Light-brown roots transition to multi-beige-blonde vertical highlights, which make fine hair look thicker and more interesting. Choppy tips are given a contemporary twist with heavy texturising for an uneven bottom edge!

4. Beige-blonde balayage on centre-part – ombre hairstyles for medium length hair

This medium-long haircut is another straight style that relies on a beautiful hair color design to do the fancy-work. It needs very little styling time, and is a great choice for busy, but glamorous, women. The model’s skin undertones are warm/neutral, so instead of cool ash-blonde, her most flattering hair fashion color is neutral beige tones. But there’s just a touch of ash at the ends to complete a trendy color palette!

5. Long bob with neutral brown roots and beige ombré

Centre-parts are perfect to show off an oval face. And if you’re lucky enough to have an oval face, you don’t need a complicated hairstyle to balance your facial proportions. But if you want to improve mousey-brown hair color, this is a subtle way to go ‘bronde’. Thick lighter balayage flatters this model’s complexion and accentuates lovely brown eyes. And long layers with shaping at the tips, makes the best of fine, smooth and healthy hair.

6. Long to medium bob makeover with neutral blonde balayage

Extra-long hair is beautiful, but not as fashionable as a medium-length hairstyle. And a medium bob is definitely easier to manage at home and in hot weather. This classy mid-length bob reaches a few inches below the chin, so it’s long enough to wear in different up and half-up styles. The roots are neutral ash brown, with warmer beige tones at the back. And the side balayage is neutral pale blonde, with beige-white on textured tips.

7. Messy brunette mid-length hairdo with bright golden blonde ombré-balayage

Adding this gorgeous selection of copper and golden blonder highlights to brunette hair makes a big impact. The fabulous balayage-ombré starts lower down, in line with the tip of the model’s nose. And this means you get maximum effect from the striking blonde highlights framing the face! And the messy, tousled finish adds lots of extra volume and color depth.

8. Silver-blonde with shadow roots and beige balayage on wavy medium bob

Shadow roots, just a few tones darker than the main color are an attractive new trend. And if your natural color is dark-blonde, you can just leave them natural and add the bleached balayage lower down. There’s a beautifully balanced mix of warm beige and cool silvery-blonde accentuating the loose waves in this haircut. And straightened ends add edgy style to a fabulously sophisticated, but casual bob.

9. Ultra-fine babylights on straight fine hair with blunt cut ends

Babylights are delicate narrow highlights applied in vertical lines for a bright color change. They are especially successful on fine hair, adding thicker texture to your hair. And as the colorist applies very fine highlights over a larger area, they can be used to lighten your whole head, without looking like a flat, all-over dye job. And although babylights are more expensive than other balayage options, they do last a lot longer!

10. Two-tone medium blonde roots under cool white balayage on fine hair

Here’s a trendsetting new look that’s great for medium and fine hair. Instead of shadow or dark roots, this colorist has introduced medium golden blonde roots. And we love the softer look this creates. It’s also a new way to mix warm and cool colors and invent a totally new hair color design. So this is really a silver-blonde balayage over golden roots and I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of this fresh idea!

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