Best Short Haircut for Women, Cute Short Hairstyle Designs

10 Cute Short Haircuts for Women Wanting a Smart New Image

Today’s super gallery of cute short haircuts for women is full of sharp, chic cuts that will give your face an instant ‘lift’!  And even though all of the models are young women, every one of these styles can be equally flattering to women way past the 60-year mark!  Young or old, a major part of your ‘image’ depends on a fashionable and flattering hairstyle.  (And I do wish more women over 50+ would ditch those unflattering short fringes that emphasise every line and wrinkle, and try something more up-to-date!) So read on and see how great these cute short haircuts look on a range of different models:

Flirty blonde – cute short haircut for women

Best Short Haircut for Women, Cute Short Hairstyle Designs


The right short haircut will bring out your best features and fill you with the self-confidence that always attracts new friends!  This style is totally up-to-the-minute, as the whole head platinum-blonde without dark roots shows.  It’s a lovely color to highlight the asymmetrical shape of this short-back-and-sides pixie, with an adorable peek-a-boo fringe.  Leaving out the dark roots is a good way to get a softer, feminine look to such a light-blonde shade!

Oat-blonde with pink toner – cute short haircut for women

These two pics capture the nervous apprehension you feel just before you cut off your long locks and go short!  But the ‘after’ image, shows a level gaze and happy smile as this young model checks out the ‘reveal’ in the mirror.  So if you really want a short and trendy haircut, but feel unsure of what will suit your face, choose three or four images to show your stylist and ask for her professional advice.  Long fine hair, like this model’s, isn’t a flattering look because it tends to look thin and shapeless.  But see how much extra personality there is in the short, neutral blonde haircut styled forwards to highlight her eyes.

Two-tone pixie with V-back – cute short haircut for women

Although this is a two-tone look, contrasting dark and very light hair colors, there’s nothing harsh about the finish.  That’s because the blonde contains just enough beige to soften the shade from stark white, to gentler ivory-blonde.  And the roots and back in the model’s natural, dark-blonde/mousey color, keeps the hair from looking over-processed.  The neatly clipped back has a lovely, V-shape point at the nape, plus dainty blonde highlights creating an attractive, 3-D effect.

Boy-cut pixie – cute short haircut for women

This very stylish pixie hairstyle has expertly defined lines, with clipped side-points creating a fabulous profile.  The basic shape hints at the mohawk cut, with longer layers from forehead to just past the crown.  However, there’s a new twist in the ruffled back section, which accentuates the beautifully shaped line down to the nape.  The color is kept quite natural, with a touch of caramel blonde in the longer top section, over brunette roots.  The top is styled forwards adding texture and volume without curls, and finishes in a very fashionable short, choppy fringe.

Natural movement in gleaming blonde short bob

Here’s another great short haircut idea for medium or fine hair, which accentuates the silky texture of the model’s hair.  Long layers of golden-blonde hair over a warm medium-brown base, create the 3-D effect that makes hair appear thicker.  And the warmth in the light and dark shades truly flatter the model’s skin tone with warm undertones.  The fringe is a fresh style made from hair combed forwards and into a side-swept movement.  And the natural movement is also highlighted in the slightly waved back over a straight nape.

Flattering beige-ash-blonde short hairstyle on thick hair

Now this is how to wear trendy ash-blonde on skin which has warm undertones.  The blonde shade is perfectly balanced between  neutral-beige-blonde and a hint of ash, with subtly blended balayage.  The result is a very natural-looking hair color, which is exactly what many of us are trying to achieve!  The short bob haircut is also a style which accentuates the model’s medium-thick hair, with sliced layers creating interesting movement and texture.  There’s lovely roundness at the back and in the long, deep bangs, plus cute defined side-sections parted to display the ear.

Gorgeous violet hair color on short brunette haircut

Wow!  This is a fantastic ‘fantasy’ hair-color obviously done by a well-trained colorist.  The way to tell a great color-match is when you look at the model’s complexion it seems as if violet is her natural color!  There are several rich, deep shades here, creatively blended to be darker at the roots beneath vivid, violet-purple balayage.  There’s plenty of rippled texture at the side and around the head, creating lots of interesting movement.  The sides are long enough to hug the jawline in a smoothly styled bob, or look casual with hair parted to show the ears.

Natural caramel-blonde on basin-cut

The nape and side are cut very short in this basin cut, but long layers on top add volume and great texture.  This creates an interesting profile shape on hair styled forwards in this year’s popular trend.  The full, straight-across fringe is cut to end above the eyebrows, and blunt-cuts ends add a choppy vibe.  However, the fringe is styled into separate sections, keeping the look casual and showing the center forehead.  And finishing this trendy, vintage short haircut, this soft caramel blonde is very flattering to young and not-so-young faces!

Stunning midnight-blue balayage on shaggy black bob

This amazing midnight-blue shade is perfect for adding a trendy look to natural black hair!  However, when you take a closer look you’ll see this is a very subtle color toning design, using green and blue shades.  And it’s perfect for this shaggy, short bob that’s full of trendy texture and lively movement.  Finally, medium – thick hair cut in long layers with carefully tapered tips, always creates an easy-care haircut.

Rich blue-red balayage on brunette short haircut

This fabulous vermillion shade is created by careful color-mixing, and this is how an expert colorist ensures you get the best hair color for your complexion.  And even though the short-back-and-sides is a ‘boy-cut’, with longer layers around the head, you can get lovely, natural waves.  The nape is cut in a clean, straight line, and the sides are clippered short, creating a strong outline.  But the pretty deep-pink color and a face-framing style ensure this model looks girly and gorgeous!

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