Red color and a textured bob haircut - Short hairstyles for thick hair
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38 Super Cute Ways to Curl Your Bob

#25. Brown Balayage Curls with Accenting Fringes

Perfect Shaped Curly Bob for Thick Hair - Short Hairstyles with Bangs

With locks as lovely and caramel-hinted as this, a set of textured fringes is the only way to go. They contrast against the voluminous curls beautifully for a casual and flirty ‘do that kills.

#26. Copper Waves: Messy Short Haircut for Women, Everyday Hairstyles

Red color and a textured bob haircut - Short hairstyles for thick hair

Gotta love that red hair! If you want spicy locks, choose red. On days you want to tame those saucy strands, choose waves.

#27. Red Violet Waves – Women Short Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Stylish Curly Bob Hairstyle for Women Short Hair - Summer Haircut Ideas

A luxuriously red base is given some extra life with hints of purples and oranges for sultry texture. But to get that really sexy look, she gives her mane some much needed waves that are both sophisticated yet soft.

#28. Fun Colors – Messy Curly Hairstyle with Short Hair

Textured, Shaved Bob Haircut - Balayage, Ombre Hairstyles for Short Hair

Tousled up curls with plenty of action and perk are awesome, but when you pair these curls with some fun colors, it’s a bold look that says ‘Hey, look at me!’. Take your style to the next level and add some brave and courage with bright lavender blended with some dazzling yellow ends.

#29. Simple Textured Bob – Woman Short Hairstyle Ideas

Textured bobs for summer! - Short haircuts for women

cool, calm, casual, and just perfect for the awesome! Her textured bob is lovely without going overboard. It’s tousled up a bit for a casual style that’s professional, especially when paired with your favorite business apparel.

#30. Natural Waves with Textured Curls

Easy, Curly Short Bob Cut

Natural beauty is the key here, with some textured waves and curls to combine textures that are carefree and feminine. Paired with your favorite  floral dress and soft makeup tones, it’s a stunning look for summer.

#31. Platinum Voluminous Curls

Light Blonde A-line Lob Cut - Curls Style

So much body, so much sass! If you’re looking for that sexy Kylie Jenner look, then this is it. Start off with a shoulder length Bob, douse it in striking platinum hues, and finish with curls that are bursting with volume. Tack on hairspray and fluff up these curls with your hand for a little bit of messy puff that’s oozing with Hollywood glam.

#32. Polished Ringlets – Shoulder Length Lob Hair Styles

Long angled bob haircut for thcik hair - Balayage hairstyles

Refinement is key here, with ringlets that are made with utmost precision. To keep that bold shape, simply use your curling iron and pin them up to keep their shape. When you’re all ready to go, let loose the pins and add hairspray; don’t tousle them!

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