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21 Stunning Wavy Bob Hairstyles

Waves are such a fun and easy way to add some flirty bounce to your locks. We’ve come up with a must-see list of 21 absolutely stunning wavy bob hairstyles that will take your locks from drab and boring to full-bodied and flawless. Get ready for a wavy look that will grab everyone’s attention!

Ombre Tight waves: Stylish Shoulder Length Bob Haircut

Gorgeous waves, so tight they almost look like luscious curls! Her lovely dark to light brown ombre is taken to new heights with some tight waves from front to back. An elegant ‘do that’s perfect for fancy nights.

Ombre wavy bob hairstyles 2016

Tight Waves

Bouncy, vibrant, and youthful, her tight waves add loads of fancy volume. Tossed away from the face, she opens up her face and lets her perfect facial features shine bright.

wavy bob hairstyles for black hair

Lengthy Relaxed Waves: Medium, Layered Hairstyle

Tired of leaving your lengthy locks stick straight? Give them just a touch of beautiful body with some relaxed waves throughout. This casual look is great for students or for women who needs an easy ‘do before they go about their day.

layered wavy bob hairstyle for women

Tight Waves with Accenting Side Braid

There’s SO much delightful body going on in this look; we’re in love! This is an awesome hairstyle that can be worn virtually anywhere. The tight waves are bouncy and fun while the accenting side braid adds a burst of trend and femininity.

Easy braided wavy bob hairstyle

Very Relaxed Waves

On days when you don’t want to leave the house with straight and narrow hair but you’re short on time, consider some very relaxed waves like these. It’s just enough body for some fun and playful texture without going overboard. Casual and cool!

Cute short bob hairstyle with waves

Very Voluminous Waves: Layered, Wavy Haircut

Contrasting to the aforementioned hairstyle, if you’ve got plenty of time and want to leave the house making a BANG, consider some highly sexy and very glamorous voluminous waves like these. Screaming with sex appeal!

Short soft wavy bob hairstyle for thick hair

Loose Waves and Choppy Fringes

Ah, so in love with this dainty hairstyle! Featuring some flattering choppy fringes up front and some lovely loose waves on the sides and back, it’s undoubtedly one of the most feminine style on this list.

Celebrity wavy bob hairstyle with bangs
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Side Swept Medium Waves

Such an enticing and dazzling style, suitable for the Grammy Awards! She dazzles up her hair into a charming, medium wave style that’s swept to the side for a bit of sultry attitude.

Celebrity short curly bob haircut

Super Voluminous Waves: Short Hairstyle for Prom

There’s LOADS of volume in this sexy style! Her super voluminous waves are downright stunning, sure to steal the show wherever it goes.

black curly bob hairstyle

Casual Voluminous Waves

This style has that ‘sexy secretary’ look ALL over it. Her voluminous waves are slightly tousled and tamed for a sultry and alluring style that pairs well with some ‘girl next door’ clothing.

Short messy dark brown wavy bob haircut

Blunt Loose Waves: Everyday Hairstyle

Chocolate brown locks are given a beautiful makeover with the use of sultry loose waves. These dazzling waves look perfect with her choice of a blunt cut just below jaw-level, and this makes a versatile style that can be for the beach or for the office party.

Side View of short wavy bob hairstyle

Casual Loose Ombre Waves

Ombre hair looks fabulous when paired with a wavy mane, and that’s why we are in love with this style. Her gorgeous cut is lightly angled for a bit of contrast and her casual, loose waves are just perfect for an everyday look.

Short bob hairstyles for women

Retro Waves: Blonde Short Hairstyles with Bangs

This blast-from-the-past look certainly has that delightful 50s nature to it, creating a beautiful, feminine style that rocks. Pair this glamorous ‘do with your favorite dress or retro outfit for a really shining style.

Celebrity short wavy hairstyle for women - blonde bob

Medium Waves with Trendy Side Swept Bangs

Such a flirty and coquettish style! Her hair starts off with some trendy side swept bangs, the rest of her short bob amplified with some gorgeous medium waves. Beautiful.

Short wavy bob hairstyle with side swept bangs

Textured Waves

Tons of layers? Give them a burst of texture and flirty bounce using tons of waves. Tousle them up a bit for some extra cute body.

Short soft wavy bob haircut for girls

Lengthy Medium Waves

These gorgeous medium waves are close to curls, giving her mane loads of divine body. This sultry and elegant ‘do can easily be worn for prom, for homecoming, for a wedding– virtually anywhere where looking your best is a must.

wavy curly bob hairstyle for thick hair

Messy Waves with Fringey Ends

The perfect look for summer, these messy waves are coy and flirty, looking like you’ve just stepped out of the beach. Her ends are chopped into fringey perfection, looking extra lovely with light blonde coloring and a touch of wave.

short ombre wavy bob haircut for women

Extra Short Tousled Waves

She starts off with an extra short bob hairstyle, with a graduated style that’s kept stacked and shorter in the back. Her full-bodied cut is styled up with some playful, tousled waves that are downright flirty and fun.

Short Wavy Bob Hairstyles for Women

Teased Waves: Women Short Haircut Ideas

Although waves add a sultry bounce to your locks, you may be feeling like you need even MORE body! When you’re craving some extra height, try teasing your mane at the crown and the sides for a fuller, bulkier finish.

Beachy Wavy bob hairstyle for short hair

Angled Voluminous Waves

This hairstyle is downright stunning, the perfect choice for fancy occasions! She starts off with a heavily angled bob hairstyle, the front being left extra lengthy to frame the face. She finishes with some gorgeous contrasting colors throughout her mane and some ultra voluminous waves that are simply tantalizing.

Wavy Asymmetrical Bob hairstyle for women

Simple, All Natural Waves

Her mane is sporting a set of simple, all natural looking waves. And while it may be subtle, it certainly looks youthful and fresh. A great look for summer!

Chic short blonde wavy bob haircut for female

Who wouldn’t adore a wavy hairstyle? So much flirty volume whether you opt for a tight wave or loose, look-at-me glamorous waves. which one of these darling styles will you try?