10 Messy Curly Short Hairstyles – Carefree & Casual Trends

Casual messy short hairstyles are everywhere again this season! And why not – they’re the relaxed look that tells the world you’re a laid-back individual with lots of trendy style.  The messy short hairstyle ideas we have selected for you today are full of that latest twists and trendsetting tips. So come on in and check out the appealing, windswept look!

Brunette angled bob – messy short hairstyle

Stylish Messy Short Hairstyle Ideas - Women Short Haircut


Casual, but dressed up with fabulous brass earrings and a simple gold chain, this tousled long pixie haircut‘s ready for relaxed date. It’s a super choice for hair that’s fairly thick and has some natural wave. The side parting suits round and oval faces and the placement of the parting can be adjusted by your stylist to flatter your features. The asymmetrical, sloping bangs break up the symmetry of a round face and height on top ‘lengthens’ a wide face.  Random waves add lots of fashionable texture to this attractive, natural look.

Easy-styling from layered bob on medium/fine hair – messy short hairstyle

Silky, fine hair isn’t necessarily thin, but it does benefit greatly from being layered in a fairly short haircut. Ask for layers cut vertically and with tapered tips, to get this lovely side-swept movement and texture. The nape has cute jagged tips to match the heavily textured side points. And forward styled full bangs suit heart and long faces perfectly. This lovely, short asymmetrical bob haircut is an everyday hairstyle that will always look good and needs almost no styling time at all!

Strong styles to match statement specs – messy short hairstyle

If you have bold, large frames for your glasses, you definitely need a short and sassy hairstyle to match the look. The expert hair color design in this tousled, short bob matches the tortoise-shell frames perfectly. Warm copper and dark copper balayage give the hair the same variagated color effect as the frames. And this makes the glasses seem a totally natural part of the model’s beauty look. And forward styled, messy bangs have slight separations near the centre to soften the line above large, vintage frames!

Trendy long to short angled bob makeover – messy short hairstyle

What do you think of this fabulous image change? We think it’s absolutely terrific the way long brunette hair has switched from being very average, to a look that’s full of high fashion style! This is a good messy short bob haircut for thick hair, as you need plenty of natural volume and density to get the lovely bouffant shape at the back. Angled bob haircuts always look so modern and chic. And with attractive coppery-orange blonde highlights in fine and broad balayage, this is a great look to debut at a special event!

Wild dark-blonde to white-blonde hair color makeover on chin-length bob

This is quite a, ‘walk on the wild-side’, transformation, lifting dark-blonde/mousey brown hair to a new and very glam image! You can achieve this short, slightly angled bob on fine and medium hair. And you’ll find that the lightening process adds lots of thickness and volume to your hair. So you only need a few bendy waves to get the high and wide look shown above. Cut just above the shoulders, it’s a very fashionable medium bob short hairstyle that’s simple to style. The look is rebellious, and powerful, street chic!

Pretty vintage scarf look on short ash-blonde bob haircut

Wearing a pretty, patterned scarf in your hair always conveys a ‘holiday’ mood. And this ash-blonde bob hairstyle is as cute as can be. It’s actually a blend of beige-blonde and ash-blonde hair colors, with the beige color next to the face to flatter the model’s warm skin undertones. Ash-blonde can make you look, ‘washed-out’ if you don’t naturally have cool undertones. So choose an experienced colorist to get a blonde shade that flatters you.

Choppy ash-blonde angled bob with roughly tousled finish

This short, angled bob is full of movement and fashionable texture, instead of traditional waves. It’s a great short haircut for medium to fine hair, as the lightening process adds plenty of volume to hair. The hair needs to be lightly layered to produce extra volume above the shorter nape. And the tips are carefully textured to produce a nice, choppy and uneven finish. Super easy to style!

Natural golden blonde shades on awkward-waved bob

This shaggy looking bob hairstyle catches the eye for it’s daring modern look. And that’s partly because the golden blonde shade is a wonderfully natural, neutral blonde shade. Neutral blonde colors always look more natural. And this balances out messy and unnatural flipped out waves, which add so much trendy personality to this lovely chin-length bob. So if you’re looking for something different, that’s also super-chic, this edgy, layered bob haircut could be the one for you!

Simple mid-length angled bob in white and ash-blonde shades

Stylish Messy Short Hairstyle Ideas - Women Short Haircut


This easy-care style is simple, but never boring! And that’s because it’s such a versatile length. You can still feel you have longish hair, without it ‘dragging’ your face down and emphasizing any lines. But it’s short enough to fluff out and have plenty of volume, making your hair appear thick and youthful. Long layers, with textured tips, are the perfect base for adding trendy light waves and a messy finish. And with dark roots highlighted with fashionable, white-blonde balayage, this short haircut always looks great in upstyles for special occasions!

Pearlised gray for classic ash-blonde chic angled hairstyle

This ‘dressy’ dinner-date hairstyle brings together many attractive features. And it’s a contemporary version of the angled bob with a new ash-blonde shade. You get a sexy, 1960’s vintage look with pearlised blonde shades and gleaming white-blonde balayage. This softens the ash-shade and if you look closely, you can see that the color also contains plenty of beige-blonde. And trendy beige helps create a gentle and feminine vibe. With side-swept, long bangs and disconnected layers at each side, this wavy bob is a very high-class look!

Most of these styles suit a variety of different face shapes. And an experienced stylist will be able to adjust the parting or bangs to ensure you get the trendy, new, messy, short hairstyle of your dreams!

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