Simple Pixie Haircuts with Straight Hair - Very Short Hairstyle Ideas for Women

10 Simple Pixie Haircuts for Straight Hair

Simple pixie haircuts for straight hair are the cutting-edge styles of hairdressing. They are where the new colors appear first, as well as fresh cutting techniques. So if you want to look stylish and chic all the time, without having to consult a mirror, choose a short cut from these latest pixie ideas!

1. 4 views of ash-blonde short simple pixie haircuts for straight hair

Simple Pixie Haircuts with Straight Hair - Very Short Hairstyle Ideas for Women


Fine hair needs texture to give it extra personality and this cute pixie hairstyle has loads of both! The first view shows the top of the head. This shows how the stylist has arranged the strands in overlapping, sliced layers. And you can also see how the tips are pink to soften the look around the face. The back has a clean line at the nape and curving up around the ear.  And full bangs focus attention on the eyes!

2. Ash-beige short simple pixie haircuts for straight hair

This precision cut pixie has several interesting features to keep you looking trendy and chic! The ash-beige color has a tiny hint of green making it a good shade for skin with cool or neutral undertones.  You get flattering natural height at the crown from short-cut strands. And there are several different textures and lengths to give attractive creative contrasts!

3. Edgy black undercut – simple pixie haircuts for straight hair

This style is suitable for medium to thick hair that has natural volume and needs good control. The back and sides are cleanly buzz-styled with a very precise line around the ear. And the stylist has cut the sides and top in sliced layers with sharply tapered tips. The top is styled into a half-mohican shape, with a swept-back quiff.  And by styling the hair forward from the crown in a multi-directional movement, you get lots of fabulous textures.

4. Platinum blonde undercut on short simple pixie haircuts for straight hair

Longer lengths give this super-trendy pixie a smooth silhouette and thicker look. There’s a very modern twist in the all-over color without darker roots. And this softens the look, especially on the buzzed sides and shaved nape. The stylist has cut hair to form a fabulous V-shape at the back and this complements the asymmetric side part at the front.

5. 3 views of shaved nape ice-white short hairstyle with long bangs

Here’s a super-cool look using the coldest of ice-white blonde to complement the model’s cool skin undertones. The hint of blue in the white hair is a fantastic way to bring out the lovely color of blue eyes. And it will also highlight blue neck and arm tattoos perfectly. It’s a great style for fine hair that is naturally fair, as the bleach will thicken your hair. And the easy-style, trendy forward styling adds great texture!

6. Natural black short asymmetrical pixie

This chic, swept-over look is both natural and glamorous, without looking like you’ve tried too hard! It suits oval or round face shapes. And height above the forehead flatters anyone with a low forehead. Buzzed sides and short side-points create plenty of focus on the eyes and cheekbones. The color is a natural black, without any blue tones, which is a softer shade. And subtle touches of blonde balayage add extra light reflecting texture.

7. Long pixie with bangs for light brown & fine hair

Here’s a super-cute new take on the classic basin cut. Long bangs swept forward from the crown create fashionable, tousled texture on top. And the bangs have separate strands, revealing the forehead for a softer line. Short side points keep all the attention on well-shaped brows and pretty eyes. And we really love the fresh-looking, side-swept texture at the back, contrasting nicely with the buzzed nape.

8. Forward-swept ash-blonde short haircut with bangs

This high-fashion short haircut is one of the easiest haircuts to style. You just brush it forwards from the crown and don’t even need to comb a parting into it. Eyes are a big fashion focus right now, with the popularity of false eyelashes and well-groomed brows. So this style puts all the attention on the upper section of your face.  The color is ash-blonde, with a hint of green toner, which accentuates the color of hazel or green eyes perfectly!

9. Textured white-blonde woven faux-hawk

Short haircuts with long layers are easy to style for fast-paced living, but can also be made super-fancy for special dates. This clever stylist has created a faux-braid texture in a faux-hawk shape! The volume and texture in this innovative style are fantastic. And there’s a highly fashionable mix of warm beige toner on top, and a tiny touch of cool pink in the sides and back.

10. Asymmetric beige-blonde short haircut with long side-swept bangs

This asymmetric hairstyle with a super-long side is a great choice for breaking the symmetry of a round face. And a diagonal shape across the face, which minimises the look of a long face. The ultra-soft beige shade is highly fashionable and slightly darker roots add the illusion of thicker hair!

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