Trendy Short Pixie Haircuts - Cool Pixie Hairstyle for Women Short Hair

10 Trendy Pixie Haircuts for Women – Perfect Short Hair Styles

The pixie is a timeless hairstyle that is always on-trend. However, trying to pull off such a short cut can be intimidating for many women. It’s true that chopping your long locks off into a pixie can be an overwhelming change, the reality is that anyone can rock a pixie cut. There are countless adaptations of the classic pixie cut that are designed to flatter virtually any face shape, hair type and texture, etc. etc.

If you’re considering cropping your hair into a pixie cut, check out these 10 diverse trendy pixie cut styles to find the pixie that’s right for you.

1. White Blonde Tousled Pixie with Short Side-Swept Bangs

This simple, no-nonsense white blonde pixie cut is bold, trendy, and practical for low-maintenance everyday styling. Its cropped, side-swept bangs are cut short enough that you don’t have to worry about your fringe getting in your face throughout the day.

The short, tousled layers of this pixie cut are easy to style within minutes. Just use your fingers to comb a small amount of styling gel or pomade through your hair. Work the styling product through your hair from roots to ends until it lays and parts how you want it.

2. Wavy Blonde Pixie with Long Side Bangs

Contrary to popular misconception, women with wavy or curly hair type can rock pixie cuts just as well as any woman with straight hair.

This wavy blonde pixie demonstrates how waves can add texture and volume to a pixie cut without looking bulky or poof-y.

3. Purple Pixie with Undercut and Balayage

Any pixie cut makes a statement, but this ultra-bold, bright purple undercut pixie goes above and beyond to turn heads on the street. This cropped cut features a buzzed undercut in back with longer layers on the top and sides and long side bangs.

The coloring of this cut is what really makes this pixie special. It features hand-painted purple balayage that blends multiple shades of light, bright, and dark purple together with a seamless finish. Balayage and bright colors can be tough to pull off well for super short cuts, but this pixie features both and is effortless for anyone to rock.

4. Super Short White Blonde Pixie

All pixie cuts are short cuts by nature, but this super short white blonde pixie features close-cropped layers all over.

It can be intimidating to try to pull off a really, really short cut like this one, but this super short pixie proves that close-cropped layers can still look feminine and glamorous. Low-maintenance spiky styling prevents this pixie from looking flat or like a buzz cut, and all-over white blonde coloring contributes to the impossible-to-ignore style of this daring pixie.

5. Slicked Lilac Pixie with Shaved Sides

This gorgeous lilac pixie gives off serious fairytale vibes. Its pale purple-pink coloring with hints of natural brunette throughout creates a unique bright and colorful style that somehow still looks natural.

Shaved sides add daring style to this pixie and make this cut even easier to style in the morning. Slicking the longer top layers with a little bit of styling gel or pomade adds a sleek, sophisticated finishing touch to this pixie cut.

6. Honey Blonde Long Pixie with Undercut and Highlights

You can chop your locks into a pixie and still keep some length. This long pixie cut is still very much a pixie. However, it lets you keep those longer face-framing layers on the top and sides that so many women fear losing when they are considering going short.

An undercut in the back removes excessive weight from this long-layered pixie. Honey blonde highlights add dimension to this pixie and keep it from looking too bulky.

7. Auburn Pixie with Short Side-Swept Fringe

Look gorgeous and save yourself some time in the morning with this low-maintenance auburn pixie. This flattering style is a classic pixie cut with face-framing side-swept fringe and fiery auburn coloring.

The natural finish of this auburn pixie also gives you some leeway to grow out your roots, so you don’t have to worry about running back and forth to the salon every other week.

8. Wavy Pixie with Blonde Balayage and Side Bangs

This ultra-glam pixie features natural-looking blonde balayage and gorgeous waves that give it effortless flirty, feminine style.

If you don’t have natural waves, you can create them using a thin curling rod or a mini flat iron. Don’t forget to finish your style off with a spritz or two of light-hold hairspray to keep your layers in place throughout the day.

9. Undercut Blonde Pixie with Shadow Root and Shaved Sides

This eye-catching blonde pixie combines wispy longer layers on top with an undercut in back and shaved lines on both sides for an extra bold finishing touch.

Wispy, piece-y top layers balance out this cut, and dark roots add a natural-looking finish to this daring pixie style.

10. Straight White Blonde Pixie with Long Side Bangs

This straight white blonde pixie cut is ultra-sleek and sophisticated. Long side bangs frame and flatter your face and dark roots add contrast and dimension to this cut.

Get this pin-straight style by combing your top layers forward and using a flat iron to straighten them into place. Run a smoothing serum through your top layers to add gloss and help your style stay secure.

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