Most Popular Bob Haircuts & Styles

For women who enjoy a bit of length to their locks but don’t want it going past their shoulders, a bob cut is the perfect way to go! Easy to maintain and still able to do a wide variety of styles, bobs are undoubtedly a hit among women of all ages. We’ve come up with an extensive list of must-know adorable bob haircuts and glamorous styles to choose from. Straight Shoulder Length Highlights This look is casual yet sleek, starting with a basic shoulder length haircut that leaves plenty of length around the face. Dazzling light brown highlights brighten her overall style and add a...[Read more]

20 Pretty Permed Hairstyles

Perms give hair a lively, energetic look with tons of curls or waves. It’s a simple solution for hair that’s lacking body, making it an excellent option for women with thin or fine hair. If you are considering a perm hairstyle, you need to check out this intriguing list of 20 PRETTY permed hairstyles that will completely change your look. Short Bob with Tight Curls When you start out with a short bob haircut, you can really rev up the body and bounce of your locks with a tightly curled perm like this. The ringlets are youthful and bouncing, adding loads of volume on the top and...[Read more]

Gorgeous Pastel Purple Hairstyle Ideas: Balayage Hair Styles Designs

One of the BIGGEST, hottest, and coolest hair color trends for 2016 is undoubtedly PURPLE hair! Yes, it’s a little bit out of the norm- but what else can we expect from the year where ‘anything goes’ and unique styles are a HIT! If you’re feeling daring or simply want to switch up your style with some colorful locks, consider a vibrant and dainty pastel purple hue. It has that fairytale romance theme that’s feminine and funky- a perfect combination. These gorgeous pastel purple hairstyle ideas will leave you CRAVING for some lovely purple locks! Choppy Bob with...[Read more]

CSGO Betting Sites

Millions of Counter–Strike: Global Offensive players around the world are interested in collecting, trading and buying skins. With such a high demand and popularity of these cosmetic items, it’s no wonder that CS: GO betting is so popular. There are dozens of betting sites where players deal in skins and stake them for an opportunity to buy better ones or just to make some profit. Each one is different too, featuring various games for the users to bet on, and offering different bonuses to claim. If you’re new to Global Offensive gambling, let us explain how the gambling sites...[Read more]

10 Two-Tone Hair Colour Ideas to ‘Dye For’!

Two-Tone Hair Colour Ideas to ‘Dye For’!: Ombre Hair Styles

Pardon the pun (tee hee) – but I’m a little over-excited because summerfun-time is almost here and these amazing two-tone hair colour ideas are so fresh and original! It’s a very exciting time in hair fashion as we cast off the long years of straight-all-one-colour-hairstyles and welcome the sheer exhuberance of the new hair colour designs! The wonderful thing about two-tone hair colour ideas is that they can be used to accentuate your best facial features in a very flattering way. And, they’re a brilliant way to create the illusion of thicker hair, which is definitely a hair colour...[Read more]

26 Stunning New Red Hair Colour Ideas

Stunning New Red Hair Colour Ideas 2016

The popularity of rich copper, russet, auburn and glorious red hair colour ideas continues to rise! From spicy tangerine to vivid crimson and through all of the gorgeous coppery-red hair colour ideas, this summer promises to be sizzling hot! So if you’ve always secretly yearned to be a red-head, now’s the time to add some pizazz to your hairdo! Medium Straight Haircut for Thick Hair Blondes – red hair colour ideas Starting with the amazing new blonde shades, look out for the delicate rose-gold shade that made its debut last year and is still a firm favourite for blondes. If you want...[Read more]

18 Super-Trendy Quick and Easy Hairstyles for School!

Quick and Easy Hairstyle Ideas for School

Having a trendy, quick and easy hairstyle for school is essential, as we all remember from our own schooldays. It must be totally up-to-date, but also simple enough to re-do after a fast game of netball or tennis leaves you hot and messy, as you head for the showers. The most popular hair length for girls is still long, and the style casual, but bob cuts are gaining ground this season, especially the angled bob and the super-cool asymmetric fringe! Fresh, modern and practical So how do you keep your long hair looking fresh, modern and in place throughout the day? Here’s some useful style...[Read more]

20 Adorable Braided Hairstyles for Girls

Nothing says ‘dainty’ quite like braids. They’re beautiful and add such a gorgeous look to hair, whether you opt for something simple like a typical three strand braid or spice it up with a trendy fishtail. There’s so many unique and lovely styles to choose from, and while we’re in love with hundreds of stunning styles, we’ve come up with a list of  20 wonderful braided hairstyles for girls you have to see. Four Strand Bow Braid What are two things every girl adores? Braids, of course; and BOWS! This hairstyle combines the two things girls love the most,...[Read more]

15 Latest Pictures of Shag Haircuts for All Lengths

Shag Hairstyle - Shouder Length Hairstyle Ideas

This is certainly the year of the shag haircut, which fits in perfectly with the contemporary-casual undone look that’s currently dominating hair fashion trends. The shag has always been considered a bit daring and rather unconventional. At the time, it was the opposite of the well-groomed hairstyles that most women wore, but now there are tempting pictures of shag haircuts all over the walls of the trendiest hair salons again! Cute Short Hair 21st century hair-fashion 21st century hair-fashions have finally caught up with the avant-garde pictures of shag haircuts from the 70’s, and now...[Read more]

12 Blonde Hair with Red Highlights: Hair Color Ideas

Blonde Hair with Red Highlights: Long Hair Color Ideas

Whaaat? Never thought of having funky red highlights in your blonde hair! You’ll be totally hooked when you’ve seen these up-to-the-secondsexy, stunning styles for blonde hair with red highlights! I can’t remember a time when hair fashions were as exciting as they are today, with the new generation of hair designers creating unheard of combinations that look absolutely fabulous. So it’s out with tradition – and in with innovation – for some of the coolest new looks that are both flattering and futuristic! Red has always been a popular colour for highlights, as it’s a warm colour...[Read more]

10 Super-Fresh Hairstyles for Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

Super-Fresh Hairstyles for Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

One of my absolute favourite new looks in this season’s innovative hair trends is the way you can enhance hairstyles for brown hair with caramel highlights! It’s amazing how you can warm up, cool down and add lots of contemporary zest to a brown base colour. But which shade of caramel is right for you? That’s the big question! Well, it all depends on the base colour, your skin tone and what you want to achieve from having fab caramel lights in your hair! Colour-correcting highlights Your stylist will be able to pinpoint whether your brown hair has warm or cool shades in it, if you’re...[Read more]

12 Modern Shag Haircut Designs

Blonde Wavy Haircut - Shag Hairstyle Designs

The shag is a great style that should be called ‘retro’ I suppose, as it was popular during the ‘70’s and ‘80’s, but the modern shag haircutexamples look totally contemporary! What is a shag cut? It was invented by a barber called, Paul McGregor and made famous as one of the first unisex hairstyles, worn by such celebs as Mick Jagger, Joan Jett, Rod Stewart and Jane Fonda. The shag cut is any hairstyle that has lots of layers of different lengths. The special cutting technique creates fullness around the crown and is often ‘feathered’ to be thinner around the edges.   And...[Read more]

23 Hair Color Ideas: Ombre Hairstyles

Hair Colour Ideas 2016

Find your best brunette hair colour and discover the latest trends in highlight shades with these pro tips!The major hair colour ideas for brunettes this season are gorgeous caramel, honey brown, cocoa brown and golden brown. Is brown right for your mousy hair? Traditionally, women with a mousy, brown hair colour and a non-descript shade of dirty blonde have lightened their hair with blonde highlights. However, this isn’t always the best choice for harmonising with your natural skin tone and can look harsh or artificial. Hair Colour Ideas Go rich and vibrant! With so many new and rich...[Read more]

22 New Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyles Trends

Pretty Twisty Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyles

If you have long or medium-length hair and love to look totally now, don’t miss these fabulous new trends in half-up –half-down hairstyles! This season’s new half-up half-down hairstyles are beautifully fresh and the perfect way to beat hair-boredom! Whoever invented half-up half-down hairstyles was a genius, because these styles give you the face-flattering look of an updo, along with swishy hair loose around your shoulders! Here are some top tips on how to get the best half-up half-down hairstyles for every occasion: Cute Hairstyle for Girls Daywear half-up half-down hairstyles Keep...[Read more]

18 Amazing Modern Afro Hairstyles

Stylish Short Pixie Cut - Amazing Modern Afro Hairstyles 2016

Natural black hairstyles are totally trendy this year and these all-new Afro hairstyles are a great way to show off your cool, casual summer style! There are several variations on the modern Afro hairstyles starting from a teeny-weeny ‘fro and including all types of curls, waves and stretched out ‘big hair’ extravaganzas! Protective Afro hairstyles If you’re one of the millions of women who are currently ‘transitioning’ from chemically straightened hair to natural hair, you may have decided that the best way is to cut off the damaged ends. Yes, I know we resist the idea of going...[Read more]

20 Amazing Ombre Hair Colour Ideas

Shoulder Length Hair Cuts for 2015

Check out the latest colours and new colour-layering techniques that make the ombre hair colour ideas for 2017 so exciting here! No. 1 – Peek-a-Boo Under-layering of Ombré You won’t believe the lovely new ombre hair colour ideas for hairstyles! So imagine this, light medium brown roots, with top layer of hair gently lightened to a pretty caramel shade ending just below the shoulders. Then a 6” gap in the layering – leaving the longer layer underneath to display a lovely light ash-blonde shade in big, defined waves! Blonde Ombre Hair /Via Done on long hair with the hair at the...[Read more]

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