Short Bob Hair Color Ideas - Easy Short Bob Haircuts for Women

10 Short Bob Hair Color Ideas

Choosing from these super new short bob hair color ideas is a real pleasure. The plethora of blonde and color-toned balayage ideas are genuinely exciting and attractive. You’ll save time and love the trendy new technique of blending cool and warm colors  on these short bobs for medium to fine hair.

1. Blonde short bob hair color ideas in beige balayage

Short Bob Hair Color Ideas - Easy Short Bob Haircuts for Women


Long layers and a simple style allow you to decorate your hair with a classy blend of blonde shades. There are darker roots underneath and gorgeous golden-beige-blonde at the ends. But in-between the colorist has added bright white blonde, which accentuates the bowed out curve of this high-fashion short bob. Lighter blonde also lightens the face framing strands reflecting flattering light onto the face!

2. Bob with blue front and ash-white back – short bob hair color ideas

This stunning trend-setting has reversed the usual half and half color fashion from sides  – to front versus back! And that’s a totally new and original idea to try. The colorist has used at least 3 shades of blue toner to create fabulous texture and movement at the sides. Plus the roots are blue, which is an exciting switch from dark roots. And with ash-blonde underlayers and long bangs, it’s a terrific look!

3. White ash-blonde with gray balayage on top layers – short bob hair color ideas

Add the look of extra thickness to your bobbed haircut with contrasting colors and textures. This model has fine hair, which is silky-smooth. But it can look a little flat unless you use color and styling to add interest. Therefore, there’s a fantastic modern twist here with white roots and gun-metal gray balayage-ombré. And the surface strands styled in backward curves complete the color-depth illusion perfectly!

4. Subtle ice-blue & lavender tones on white-blonde – short bob hair color ideas

Here’s another fun and high-fashion twist adding loads of style to a simple, short bob haircut. The main color is silver-blonde, but if you look closely you’ll see blue, purple and beige toner, too! The beige touches are mostly around the crown and the rounded back. Cool-warmish beige separates to show gorgeous lavender at the roots and tips. And this also adds color-depth accentuated by a lightly tousled finish!

5. Palest beige blonde with striking coral-red ombré bob hairdo

This striking short bob hairstyle is a really original new hair color design. I can’t remember ever seeing this superb color combo before and it’s super-exciting. Coral-red also has fine touches of ash-gray balayage to complement it. So this is definitely one for daring trend-setters! Fashionable ‘ribbed lines’ create extra volume and the chin length ensure fine hair never looks long and thin!

6. Purple and mid-ash-blonde short bob on fine hair

No wonder purple was a color that only kings and queens were allowed to wear in the distant past. It’s such a rich and attractive shade. It was a very expensive dye-color in the middle-ages, but now it’s an extremely fashionable and economic hair color anyone can choose. This delightful bob has gorgeous purple balayage at the crown and roots, expertly graduated to soft lavender gray below! Daring, but so classy!

7. Messy straight bob for fine hair in natural blonde tones

This adorable messy short bob is suitable for medium and fine hair, especially if you can’t get enough volume for a rounded A-line bob. It’s another simple style that’s easy to look after and needs virtually no styling. Further advantages of this style are the way it focusses attention on the face and projects a chic and relaxed image. The main shade is neutral beige blonde, with white and ash-beige balayage adding color-depth to a lovely, flirty look!

8. Medium gold-blonde messy & wavy bob with choppy tips

This is the trendiest short bob cut at the moment, as it takes the angled bob and makes it angular instead of softly curved. There are lots of different textures and natural blonde colors here to create the illusion of more thickness. And with waves, messy finish, flipped out tips and ligh-blonde balayage you couldn’t wish for more movement and casual attitude that this fine example of hair-fashion styling!

9. Natural medium natural blonde with dark gold balayage short hairstyle

If you don’t want to hassle or expense of keeping up a pale blonde hairstyle, this natural look could be perfect for you. The model’s naturally mousey-brown hair has been ‘warmed-up’ with old-gold blonde balayage, which really flatters her skin tones. With one main bendy wave half-way down the head and a centre-part that creates face-framing waves, this is a chic, classy look!

10. Cute windswept golden-blonde balayage with bangs

This adorable short hairstyle is also one you can wear if you’re growing out a pixie haircut. It’s designed to give volume to fine hair with a little back-combing and a casual, windswept finish. I really love the subtle dark-golden roots, which blend in beautifully without creating the cliché of brunette roots. The golden bangs accentuate brown eyes and this neutral gold blonde look is so flattering for warm/neutral skin undertones!

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