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10 Trendy Bowl Cuts and Styles

Bowl cuts may have been a no-no for years, but this unique style is making a huge comeback in the fashion world! Bowl cuts are a hit among women of all ages thanks to their edgy appeal and of course their utmost simplicity. These bowl cuts and styles are sure to wow you- maybe even enough to chop off your locks entirely!

Undercut: Very Short Haircut

Bowl Cut - Undercut with Short Thick Hair - Balayage Hairstyles


Bowl cut turns edgy with a pinch of biker chic with this unique undercut. The shaved pieces underneath really make the lengthier pieces up top the star of the hairstyle, but leaving them straight and tousled is an excellent choice to showcase the uniqueness of the overall cut. Definitely a style for my avant-garde ladies out there with plenty of saucy attitude.

Platinum Buzz Undercut

Fierce; there’s simply no other way to define this look. Her hairstyle boasts a trendy yet ultra-edgy buzz undercut, with lengthier side swept pieces tossed just above her eyes for a sexy appeal. Her striking platinum locks are loaded with attitude, only to be enhanced with some desirable red hot lips.

Pastel Lavender Buzzed Sides with Layers

Even a bowl cut can be enhanced with body thanks to the addition of layers! Piecey layers add a unique funk to this edgy style, with shaved sides and a fairy-like pastel lavender hue that’s downright dazzling.

Shaved Sides

Instead of going for the classic shaved undercut, consider buzzing down those sides to let the full-bodied tresses up top do the talking. This is a great choice for thick manes and ladies with attitudes who want to remove some extra bulk in their hair while still indulging in a stylish, easy-to-manage ‘do.

Spiky with Shaved Sides: Short Haircut for Thick Hair

By leaving her edgy shaved sides a dark brown shade and having a lighter blonde tone up top, she creates a striking contrast that really takes the casual bowl cut to the next level. To toss up and mix up her lengthier locks, she spikes them up a bit for a little bit of sexy attitude. A cool look you can do in a matter of minutes with texurizing product and hairspray!

Asymmetrical Silver Side Cut

If you have thin hair, don’t be afraid to chop them extra short into a bowl cut. But to add texture and overall fullness, consider an asymmetrical shaved side cut with lengthier pieces up top. Her silver hue is extremely trendy and ‘out-there’ for a finish that’s sure to turn heads.

Simple Undercut

This is probably one of the more tame and typical bowl cuts, but to ensure there’s still some sauce in her style she throws in a subtle undercut that reaches around to the sides of her head as well. By tossing her bangs to the side, she also softens this bowl cut- a style which is typically found on males.

Full-Bodied Bowl cut with Pink Tips

Who said bowl cuts couldn’t be loaded with body? Forget about it! This spicy ‘do is bouncing with youthful body thanks to some lengthy layers that are all teased up every which way. To add a little funky style to your mane, try out some light pink tips against platinum hues!

Natural Wavy Bowl Cut with Cut Sides

Naturally curly hair is so beautiful, so let those luscious ringlets be the star of your hairstyle. There’s no crafty styling here: just an edgy side cut that’s been left alone.

Two-Tone Super Short Undercut

If your style is focusing on an extreme undercut, then showcase the precision of the cut with a fabulous two-tone color technique. which one bowl cut is your favorite?

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