From fishtail to waterfall and classic to French, there countless wedding hairstyles with braids that are perfect for wedding day.
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10 Pretty Braided Hairstyles for Wedding

When it comes to wedding hair trends, braided hairstyles have grown in popularity over the past few seasons. As the bohemian look grows in popularity, the rise of the braided hair look has grown with it hand in hand, and at the PoPular Haircuts office we couldn’t be more pleased about this trend growth. We absolutely adore braided hairstyles and think they are incredibly elegant for weddings. Here are some of our favourite braided styles.

Chunky Pulled Fishtail Braid – Loose Side Braided Hairstyle for Wedding

Loose Braided Hairstyles for Wedding

Blending a deep and dark brown with a stunning golden blonde through the balayage colour transition, this lady’s luscious long locks are utterly beautiful. To show off the change in colour, she’s worked her thick locks into a pulled fishtail braid style which falls down one shoulder. Leaving a few strands loosely to frame the face, this braided style is perfect.

Floral French Braid Hair Style  with Long Hair

Romantic Braided Wedding Hairstyles with Beautiful Flowers

Flowers are an essential part of any wedding, so why not work them into your hairstyle too? This lady’s impeccable golden hair has been styled to one side into an elaborate French braid which has been pulled for a loose effect. White flower decorations have been added throughout the braid for effect, and the fringe section has been curled as a perfect finish.

Twisted and Pulled Braid with Shell Decorations

Beach Theme Wedding - Wedding Braid with Blue Starfish Decorations and Pearls

If your hair is as lovely and thick as this lucky lady’s, then you can  be as creative as you like with your braided look! This beautiful blonde hair has been pulled, twisted and curled back to create this stunning chunky braid from top to bottom, and she’s incorporated pretty blue sea shells and starfish hair accessories to finish the look off perfectly.

Messy Fishtail Braid with Floral Accessories – Messy, Wedding Hairstyle

Bridal Wedding Hairstyles with Braid - long and loose waves

Messy hairstyles can be equally as beautiful as tidy ones, especially when it comes to braided hair looks! This lady has worked her bright blonde hair into a stunning messy style, sweeping the front of the hair backwards into a fishtail braid, and then gathering the rest of the hair in a messy bun style, leaving loose ringlets to fall around the face.

Fishtail Half Up Half Down Hairstyle with Flowers

Relaxed and Casual wedding Hairstyle

Not all of your hair needs to be swept up in a braid if you fancy working a braided style into your wedding look. Like this lovely lady, why not consider a half up half down style to incorporate your braid into? The ends of the hair have been left in beautiful ringlets, with the top section gathered to a loose fishtail plait. Flowers seal the deal as the perfect finishing touch.

Voluminous Curly French Braid

From fishtail to waterfall and classic to French, there countless wedding hairstyles with braids that are perfect for wedding day.

A wedding is the perfect occasion to opt for a bold and dramatic hairstyle to accompany your outfit, and we think this lady’s beautiful and romantic braided style is to die for. Her glossy dark hair has been pulled back from the front of the head for a voluminous top section, then the curly hair has been worked into a chunky French braid which falls down one shoulder.

Twisted Blonde Style with Braided Bottom

braids wedding hairstyles

Golden highlights add light and lift to these luscious blonde locks, creating a sun-kissed effect which had us swooning as soon as we saw it! She’s taken a section from the front of either side of her parting and twisted them and swept them back to meet in the middle of the back of the head, then loosely worked the end of the hair into this messy braid which we simply adore.

Floral Twisted and Pulled Braid Hair Styles for Wedding

Romantic Tousled Braid Hairstyles and Adorned - Wedding Hairstyle Designs

Curly ringlets are a classic wedding hairstyles look which we cannot get enough of, especially when they’re left hanging loose from an elaborate braid as the ultimate finishing touch. This stunning lady added ringlets throughout her blonde hair, then dragged it loosely into a messy braid at the back of the head. She’s added pretty flower garnishes to finish for a bohemian wedding hairstyle look we simply adore.

Braided Fringe with Loose Curls  – Easy, Wedding Hairstyles

Simple Braided Hairstyles for Bridal

Sweeping the front fringe section of hair into a pretty braid across the forehead is a simple and delicate way to introduce a braided style into your wedding look. This lady has chosen her braid perfectly, allowing it to frame her face and sweep any loose strands away. The rest of the hair falls into gorgeous romantic ringlets down her back.

Pulled Half Up Half Down Braid

Beautiful Braided Hairstyle for Wedding - Bridal Hairstyles with Long Hair

Ending our gallery with a stunning hairstyle fit for a mythical mermaid, these beautiful blonde locks have been pulled into an incredibly elaborate half up half down braided style, but we think the end result is breathtaking. Using the top layer of hair, sections have been twisted to meet in the middle, then braided and pulled for this unique end silhouette.

Which of these stunning braided up dos are you partial to? Will you be attempting to recreate any of these beautiful braided looks for the next time you attend a wedding? Let us know in the comments below!