Messy Bob Hairstyles and Haircuts, Female Hairstyle for Short Hair

20 Trendy Messy Bob Hairstyles for Short Hair

A messy bob is one of the most universally flattering hairstyles for women. Plus, they’re versatile, manageable, and ultra-trendy. Find inspiration for your next haircut with these ten stylish messy bobs.

These trendy messy bob hairstyles for women will bring you right up-to-the-minute with the latest hair-fashion ideas. I’ve included an exciting mix of the latest cutting techniques along with fresh hair-colors and balayage patterns.

20. Honey-beige blonde lob – trendy messy bob hairstyles for women

The latest hair color trends have a mix of cool, warm and neutral shades, always cleverly balanced by expert colorists. And this is a very appealing blonde color, made up of ash-blonde, beige, gold and oaty balayage. I especially love how golden-blonde balayage is used to accentuate the loose waves, making it look as if there’s sunshine reflected off shiny hair.

The cut is long layers of varying lengths near the ends, with heavily textured tips that look ragged and uneven. This is a super-modern, angled lob with lots of defined texture that suits medium-thick hair perfectly!

19. Futuristic ultra-violet ‘border’ balayage on trendy messy bob hairstyles for women

Pale golden-blonde looks great with pale green eyes, but add ultra-violet and the look becomes totally unforgettable! This high-fashion style also features the latest trend in highlighting, which is ‘border’ highlights. And the two styles show how border highlights enhance both straight and textured bob haircuts!

The cut is long layers on fine hair, with a symmetrical, straight-across fringe down to eyelash level, covering the brows. The long, pale-violet bangs make green eyes look even greener! And in the textured version, you get extra volume and movement to give more ‘body’ to fine hair!

18. Deep chunky texture on trendy messy bob hairstyles for women

Love your angled bob, but want a new twist? Then this may be just what you’re looking for! It’s a high-fashion, steeply angled bob with disconnected layers draped over a straighter line underneath. Now that is a new idea!

This is a fabulous style to wear on thick hair, with heavily textured tips on sliced layers, creating sculpted shape. And the trend for defined strands and surface texture is taken to the limit with these thick strands that create deep shaggy texture!

17. Wispy tousled surface strands – trendy messy bob hairstyles for women

Here’s another fabulous twist on a shorter bob, cut gradually down into the nape and then with a little, nape fringe around the hairline! The profile is super attractive and you get the effect of a cute cap creating a lovely head-shape.

Several, closely matched shades of neutral, beige-blonde add 3-D depth to fine hair types. And carefully defined surface waves add trendy, windswept texture and lively movement!

16. Bright copper-orange lob with center-part & choppy tips

This center-part long bob has a mix of vintage and ultra-modern features! First of all, the part is short and teased roots create vintage volume on top and around the crown. The face-framing strands are cut symmetrically, but styled asymmetrically with one side following the curves of the face.

And the other side is lightly teased for extra volume and draped seductively over one eye. This creates a sexy, tousled, bed-head look. Finally, mid-length half-waves give extra volume and interest above trendy, straightened ends with tapered tips!

15. Two ways of styling pale golden-blonde bob for fine hair

Trendy Messy Bob Hairstyles, Female Hairstyle for Short Hair

If you like to have some length to your hair, but it’s quite fine, then this long bob haircut is a great choice! It’s long enough to show off the silky texture of your hair, but short enough to avoid looking thin and wispy. The stylist has cut long layers with shorter layers around chin-level, to break up the line.

And you can wear it in a simple, straight style for everyday wear and add pretty waves for special events. Adding several light and dark shades in closely matched blonde tones creates lovely texture and makes hair appear thicker. And the choppy ends make the tips appear denser and add a very modern contrast!

14. Edgy steep angled wavy bob in neutral blonde

Ash-blonde and neutral shades of beige are still one of the favorite hair color choices for blonde haircuts. And this high-fashion look blends both colors in a fabulously subtle and well-balanced way! The roots are soft beige-ash blonde before transitioning to neutral- and golden-beige in the lower lengths.

Shorter lengths at the back add lots of high-fashion style as they move down gradually to brush the collar-bone at the front. This creates a fabulous profile shape! Defined waves and heavily-textured tips create excellent creative contrast on a messy, modern lob haircut!

13. Chunky waves on ultra-chic short blonde bob

Texture is definitely the trendiest feature you can add to your hair for this season. And this short bob is full of extra volume and movement, thanks to the lovely chunky, blonde waves. The contrasting light blonde color over dark blonde roots adds the look of much thicker hair.

And if you have fine hair, then the lightening solution will also thicken individual hairs to produce a denser effect. High volume around the crown and gorgeous rounded waves around the face are very flattering and sexy!

12. Ash-beige choppy symmetrical bob with bangs for thick hair

This symmetrical bob with a heavy fringe in light mink-blonde is truly edgy and trend-setting. It goes a step further than the straight, chopped ends bob, as the stylist has created a very windswept and extra-choppy effect.

And light mink is a super-attractive and fashionable beige-blonde shade that’s always a little more original than ash-blonde. It’s also a softer and more feminine shade of blonde that softens the lines of any ‘untidy’ cutting style!

11. Short symmetrical brunette bob with V-back for thick hair

This chic, modern look is very French in its beautiful shape and symmetrical form. It has been tailored to suit the model’s lovely neck tattoo, which is shown off really well by the neat, V-shaped nape. It’s a great style for medium-thick, straight hair, with long layers and a slightly stacked section at the nape.

The triangular shape from the crown to the widest sections at the sides is a good look for narrow face shapes, as it makes the face appear wider. And the front will look great with a center-part and a symmetrical, straight-across fringe!

10. Piece-y Rose Gold Bob

This rose gold bob is versatile and ultra-trendy. Its can easily transition between a polished pin-straight style and a messy textured style. Its subtle rose gold color adds a modern, stylish finish.

The blunt layers of this bob contribute to its versatility without disrupting its texture and volume. You can easily add volume to this bob and achieve a classic messy bob style using hairspray and a thin curling iron.

9. Ombré Bob with Mini Bangs

With mini bangs, blunt ends, and ombré coloring, this messy mid-length bob is stylish and unique. Its blunt mini bangs frame and draw attention to your features to keep this textured style from overwhelming and overpowering your face.

The brunette to honey blonde ombré coloring of this style make its blunt ends look more subtle and help even out its blunt mini bangs. It also adds interest to this look and gives it a modern, trendy finish.

8. Wavy Shoulder-Length Bob with Balayage

This shoulder-length bob features blunt ends that give it a polished, modern finish. Its messy style is subtle but adds flattering texture and volume to this style.

The balayage in this bob is also subtle. It features gentle highlights that give this style a brighter finish and darker roots that help your hair grow out more evenly and allow you to wait longer between visits to the salon.

7. Chin-Length Bleached Bob with Blunt Mini Bangs

Frame your face and define your features with this chin-length bleached bob. Its cropped, textured layers and short blunt bangs draw attention to your face to emphasize your best features. Its angled, chin-length cut and messy style is bouncy, cheerful and manageable.

The bleached adds to the lighthearted style of this bob, but its darker shadow roots and blended highlights add dimension and a natural finish. Its darker roots also help you get away with waiting longer between visits to the salon, which saves you both time and money.

6. Textured Auburn A-Line Bob

If you have curly or wavy hair, this textured A-line bob is the perfect short cut for you. Many women who don’t have naturally pin-straight hair find it difficult to pull off shorter angled cuts successfully.

The textured angled layers of this A-line bob are designed to accommodate wavy and curly hair types without requiring a ton of daily maintenance. The wavy back layers add dimension and volume to your hair and are easy to manage, and the longer straight layers in front give the whole style a smooth finish that you can easily achieve in minutes with a flat iron. Plus, the rich auburn color of this cut is flattering without being overwhelming.

5. Chin-Length Wavy Bleached Bob Hairstyle

Messy Bob Hairstyles and Haircuts, Female Hairstyle for Short Hair

Master beach waves with this wavy bleached bob. Its bleached ends and shadow roots give this cut a summer-y, carefree style. Its textured, layered ends are cropped in a subtle angle to add interest and a bouncy finish to this bob.

You don’t have to worry about your hair falling flat with this textured bob style. This cut is ideal for women who have naturally straight or wavy hair. It doesn’t require any heat to style. Just scrunch your hair using a sea salt spray to get the volume and texture you want.

4. Chin-Length Wavy Honey Blonde Bob

Look polished, professional, and trendy at the same time with this wavy honey blonde bob.

Its chin-length layers are smooth and even to give this style a sophisticated finish. However, its neat wavy style and highlighted honey blonde color add interest and dimension to this cut to keep it from looking boring.

3. Curly Bleached Bob Hairstyle with Side Bangs

This vintage-inspired curly bleached bob conjures images of style icons of the past with a decidedly modern finish that is in line with current trends.

Its white blonde color is striking, but not overwhelming. Its piece-y curled layers add dimension to this style to break up the solidity of its color for an even, balanced finish.

2. Piece-y Chin-Length Bob with Highlights

Add energy to your hair with this lively chin-length bob hairstyle. Its bright highlights add vibrancy to this style, while its darker roots and bottom layers give it balance and a natural-looking finish.

This bob’s textured, piece-y bottom layers add volume to your hair, and its ringlet curls add polish and professionalism to your style.

1. Short A-Line Bob with Highlights

This short A-line bob is both trendy and easy to manage.

Its close-cropped back layers are full of volume and texture, while its front layers are longer and straight to give this style a polished finish.

These color shades, balayage patterns and outrageous cutting and styling techniques are the latest you can get for messy bob hairstyles. So when you choose your favorite makeover hairstyle take these images along with you to show your stylist exactly what you want!

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