30 Best Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair

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In this text, we collect some fashionable and wonderful short hairstyles for thin hair texture. The first one that we recommend is short curly hairstyle, which popularity is showed by the fact that a lot of celebrities and models  create them. Curls can add extra volume and bounce to the thin hair and they can be created in different ways. You can choose the informal curly hairstyle, messy waves, messy spiked waves.

Besides, short shaped layers could also get you look excellent. You can try choppy layered hairstyles, fringe bang hairstyles. Fora square, oblong and oval face structure, layered haircuts appear quite graceful. Layering and bangs can make the quite short curly hairstyles more wonderful. In addition , you could make your hair cut to one length and create short and long layers throughout your hair to increase volume to your hair.

If you have fine hair then you may have previously thought that your hair is too thin to successfully rock a short hairstyle. Here at the Pophaircuts.com office, we’re here to tell you that this couldn’t be more wrong! There are a number of amazing short hairstyles perfect for fine hair. We’ve collated some of our favourite fine short hair styles for you to browse. Hopefully we can inspire you to be brave!

Silver Wedged Short Hair Cuts – Hair Color Ideas

Layered Short Haircuts for Fine Hair - Ombre Short Hairstyles for Women

Copying this gorgeous grey bob couldn’t be more simple. Start by cutting your hair into a bob, keeping the sections on top longer. Cut the underneath layers so that they’re short and close to the head. Leave the top of the hair long towards the front of the face. Gradually cut shorter layers from the top of the head to the back. Finish with a glam grey colour like this lady has opted for!

Brown to Grey Tousled Bob – Ombre Short Hair Cut

Ombre, Balayage Lob Hairstyle for Fine Hair

This tousled bob is absolutely perfection – especially thanks to the brown to grey ombre blend at work! Start by chopping your hair to around the jaw level. Leave the hair slightly longer at the front and shorter at the back. Part your hair in the centre and loosely curl the ends. Brush the curls out for a tousled effect et voila!

Caramel and Ash Blonde Swept Pixie Cut – Cute, Short Haircuts for Summer

Balayage Pixie Hairstyle for Fine Hair - Layered Short Haircuts

We’re absolutely infatuated with the combination of caramel and ash blonde at work in this gorgeous swept pixie cut! Start by keeping the fringe section of hair long, pulling it over your face. Create a stunning sweeping fringe with shorter layers at the top of the head. Keep the rest of the hair relatively short and sweeping for the amazing effect pictured above.

Silver Pixie with Full Fringe – Shaved Short Hair Styles

Pixie Hair Cuts - Undercut for Women Short Hair

pixie hairstyles are equally gorgeous with full fringes too! Recreate this look by keeping the bottom layer of your head cut incredibly closely to the head. With the top layer, leave to fall softly right around the head, creating this amazing fringe. Keep the hair straight and sleek to show off the cut. Why not opt for a striking shade of silver like this lady?

Bright Blue Pixie Hair Cuts with Blunt Fringe – Pastel Short Hairstyle

Lovely Pixie Haircut for Women and Girls - Short Hair Color Ideas

Baby blue never looked so good! Start by dying your hair this wonderful pastel shade of blue. Finish with a pixie hairstyle which falls around the ear level. Add lots of shorter layers to the top and the back of the head. This will create the fantastic textured pixie style effect we love! Finish by working a short, straight fringe across the forehead to frame the face.

Asymmetrical Bob with Highlights – Balayage Short Hairstyle for Women, Girl

Balayage Short Haircut - Stylish Hairstyle Designs

Asymmetrical is so trendy when it comes to short hair, and you can copy the trend even with fine hair! Start by cropping your hair into a bob, leaving the front of the hair longer. Gradually take the rest of the hair shorter until you’re left with choppy layers at the top of the head. Part your hair to the side creating a sweeping fringe. Finish with gorgeous blonde highlights throughout!

White Blonde Bob with Sweeping Fringe – Undercuts for Women Short Hair

Light Blonde Bob Haircut for Fine Hair - Short A-line Hairstyles

Opting for a sweeping fringe can be the easiest way to bring your bob to life. Start by creating a short bob which graduates towards a slightly longer strand of hair around the front of the face. Use a deep side parting to create an elaborate sweeping fringe. Keep the hair straight and sleek to show off the gorgeous curved silhouette.

Brown Bob with Short Layers and Fringe: Cute, A-line Short Hair Cut for Fine Hair

Office Hairstyles for Women Short Hair - A-line Short Haircut

This incredible brown bob has our entire office swooning! Cut your hair into a typical bob shape, but leave the front strands a little longer so that they frame the face. Part your hair to the side and cut a soft fringe into one side. Cut shorter layers throughout the back of the head to create the typical bob shape. Finish with a light tousle for the fabulous finish.

Sleek Swept Blonde Short Bob Cut – Stylish Undercuts for Women

Beautiful Undercut - Pixie Bowl Cut, Short Hairstyles for Women Fine Hair

This gorgeous bob consists of two layers which combine to create a striking end result. Cut the bottom layer of hair incredibly close to the back of the head. Dye this brown, or leave it your natural colour. Leave the top layer a lot longer so that it falls around the ear length. Cut shorter layers at the back and sweep the front section to the side for a fabulous fringe. Highlight this section blonde for contrast.

Choppy Blonde Bob with Long Fringe – Women Short Haircut Ideas

Trendy Women Hairstyles - Long Pixie Haircut for Fine Hair

Choppy layers are essential for bringing thin short hair cuts to life. This lady has perfected it! Opt for a stacked and wedged bob style with short layers to the back of the head. Leave the fringe section longer so it falls around your face. Sweep the top sections of hair across the head and finish the look by spiking your short layers up.

Light Pink Hair Styles: Stylish Short Pixie Haircut

Light Pink Hair Styles - Best Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Currently, a jaw length bob is also quite trendy in which the hair at the back is cut short with layering at the front. You can also texture the hair at the sides and at the back cut with a razor. With the length being jagged cut up your chin and layers falling on the top and sides, you are of course going to look wonderful.

Stylish Balayage Hairtyles for Short Hair

Stylish Balayage Hairtyles for Short Hair - Best Short Haircuts for Fine Hair

Short Bob Hairstyles for Thin Hair /Via

Short Bob Hairstyles for Thin Hair
Short Bob Hairstyles for Thin Hair

This cool short hairstyle is featured by various skillful layers which add much volume and natural movement to the look.

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  1. stephanie says:

    I have a shoulder length bob. Im having troubke training the backside of my hair…no matter what I try it always wants to curl/flip outward. Any tips on how to fix this???

    • Lizzie says:

      Get some wax spray, it will stay all day long. I had a bob style for a long time and I had the same issue.

    • Ann says:

      My hair is doing the same thing! Im tryin to let my layers grow then get it cut again!!

    • ump says:

      Let it flip, try to see if you can make the flip work for you. I have the same issue in the back. Once I gave up on not making it flip, it got a lot better. 🙂

  2. Carol Tribs says:

    Where do you find wax spray?

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