Short Hairstyles

21 Cute Layered Bob Hairstyles

In love with layers? Why wouldn’t you be! Layers are flirty and fun, immediately adding some delightful depth and bouncy body to your locks. Whether you opt for short layers, long layers, or contrasting layers of all different lengths, you’re sure to enjoy a full-bodied finish that’s fresh and youthful.

Short Bob with Lengthy Layers & Sea Foam Coloring

Short bobs are always a great choice for any woman, being a bouncy and cute style that’s perfect with almost all face shapes. What makes THIS hairstyle stand apart from the crowd is the delightfully long layers that add some perk, and the hints of sea foam green for a burst of trendy color.

Short layered graduated bob hairstyle for round face shapes

Wavy Blonde Locks: Blunt Medium Haircut

Need a great ‘do for summer? Give this look a try! The back of her locks are left a darker shade of sandy blonde, with just a few summery highlights twisted in. She adds platinum around her face to brighten her appearance, and the waves just SCREAM summertime fun!

layered messy bob haircut for women over 40

Vibrant Layered Graduated Bob: Short Haircut for Thick Hair

Didn’t think a graduated bob could get ANY trendier? Think again! This lovely gal creates a vibrant, look-at-me style that’s super stylish and cool with a graduated bob with tons of layers and of course an eye-catching intense hot pink to tie it all together.

redhead - layered angled red bob haircut

Teased with a Side Part: A-line Bob Cut

Just a few short years ago this style was a HIT in the hair world, but it still remains popular to this day! This hairstyle is all about pumping up the volume and framing the face with plenty of teasing on the top/sides and a sexy side part that flips ever-so-slightly on the ends.

Shaggy Layered Angled Bob Hairstyles for Women

Extra Short in the Back, Lengthy on Top: Women Short Haircut Ideas

There’s SO many awesome layers going through this mane, it’s hard to pinpoint where one starts and another one ends! She leaves the back extra short while the lengthy locks on top are chopped with a ridiculous amount of funky layers. So youthful, SO cute and stylish!

layered messy inverted bob cut for short hair

Tousled Short Bob with Lengthy Layers

Layers are fun and bouncy, but when you tousle up your locks a bit, the layers really come to life! Her assortment of layers go from short to long, with a little flip on the end to frame her face beautifully.

side view of cute layered messy bob haircut

Edgy Extreme Side Part Layers: Short Pixie Haircut for Thick Hair

This edgy style is perfect for students or younger girls that want a rough-n-tough twist on the classic pixie cut. Her locks are given an airy, dense look with loads of intense layers and an extreme part that’s got some serious attitude. Jet black with deep red lips creates a very enticing finish!

cute layered messy short haircut

Relaxed Waves: Chic Everyday Hairstyle for Shoulder Length Hair

For the days where you just want to relax and be casual, this is an excellent choice! The layers are given just a touch of casual body with some super relaxed waves, a tousled look that’s relaxed but still fun!

Messy Bob Hairstyle with layers

Relaxed Curls

Much like the aforementioned style, this look is all about remaining cool and calm. It’s an awesome everyday look that has just a hint of bouncy volume. Relaxed curls really make this a-line bob hairstyle come to life!

layered messy bob hairstyle for medium thick hair

Contrasting Colors and Chunky Layers: Sleek, Straight Bob

Quirky and cool, this is a hairstyle that’s sure to catch attention from the crowd. The chunky layers lay flawlessly over this super short bob hairstyle, creating a seriously unique and crazy look; but that’s not all. Add to the wild style with some crazy contrasting colors like black, purple, and blonde!

cool colred short bob haircut with layers

Natural Chunky Layers: Classic Short Bob Hair Cuts

If you loved the thought of chunky layers but didn’t care for the wild coloring, then consider this glamorous ‘do. It features those bold, chunky layers, but the hair color is a bit more natural with a beautiful deep blonde cascading against darker hues underneath.

layered short straight bob hairstyle for short hair

Extreme Angled Graduated Bob: Short Hairstyle Ideas for Straight Hair

Just LOOK at the back of this crazy graduated bob! Talk about an awesome, intense angle! The short is left extremely short, with an extreme angle leading towards extra lengthy strands around the face.

highlighted inverted bob haircut with layers

Graduated Bob with Side Bangs

This is a rather classic haircut, a subtle graduated bob with side bangs that frame the face and some wispy layers on top. What sets this hairstyle apart from the rest is the beautiful contrasting colors, with several shades of blondes and browns combined in one glorious mane.

short inverted bob hairstyle with layers

Volumized Graduated Bob

Short on time, but still want to bulk up your look? Then simply tease the tops and sides of your locks. The end result? A super full-bodied look that is great for framing the face. A great choice for heart faces or round faces!

layered inverted bob hairstyle with bangs

Graduated Bob Layers with Wave

Find your graduated bob could use a bouncy makeover? Then consider adding some lengthy layers to your already-angled frame! Add in some lovely wave for a charming finish that’s beach-ready.

layered messy ombre bob haircut for women

End Curls

We have to start out by mentioning we adore her bayalage coloring, a glorious blend of dark and light browns for an all-natural finish. She gives her hair some beautiful bounce that’s perfect for fancier occasions with just a touch of voluptuous curls on the ends.

casual layered medium wavy hairstyle for everyday

Extra Short Bob with Highlights/Lowlights

There’s something about highlights and lowlights that drive us wild; it must be the way they add such gorgeous texture and depth to tresses. Her extra short bob hairstyle is styled up with some complementing layers of all lengths and sizes, a perfect addition to her stunning collection of hair colors.

Layered Stacked Bob Hairstyle for women over 50

Bouncy End Curls: Medium Bob Haircut

Achieving that rich, full-bodied finish doesn’t mean you have to add texture from root to tip; you can simply spice up the ends for a bouncy finish, like you see here. Her charming light brown tresses are lively and cute with just a few bouncy curls applied to the ends.

layered messy bob hairstyle for thick hair

Tousled Gray Tresses

Gray hair is a top trend for 2016, and when you tousle them up just a tad, you get a very trendy finish that’s simple but fun.

messy layered medium hairstyle for thick hair

Ombre Curls

Who said cute layered bob hairstyles were reserved for younger gals? Think again! Layers work well for anyone, whether you’re a girl in her twenties or a woman over 50. We’re loving her gray to auburn ombre, adding a youthful touch to her appearance that’s given an elegant finish with curls.

Layered short A-line Bob Haircut for women over 50

Double-Layered Graduated Bob

This is undoubtedly the most modern and polished hairstyle on this list. Her hairstyle features a perfectly done graduated bob haircut, and her contrasting platinum blonde and dark brown hair are given different layered lengths to let the highlighted locks lay delicately over the darker hues. Such a fab style.

Layered a-line bob hairstyle with dark roots

If you couldn’t tell, we LOVE layers; and you’ll love it too! Your hair will thank you for giving it that perky, full-bodied, and youthful finish in an instant. what’s your favorite layered hairstyle?