21 Stunning Medium Bob Hairstyles

So you’ve been thinking about cutting your hair, but you don’t want to chop TOO much off. Well, have you considered the MOB- the medium bob hairstyle team? Medium bob hairstyles give you just the perfect amount of length for easy, mess-free styling, but is still short enough to be bouncy and fun. Take a look at these 21 STUNNING medium bob hairstyles to get your next cut and style figured out!

Full Fringes with Loose Curls

Full, framing fringes cut just below eyebrow level are an easy way to frame your face and create a cool image while loose curls give the hair a touch of coquettish attitude. We’re also loving her hints of purple throughout her jet black mane, a trendy way to add a touch of texture and dimension. An all-around A+ look!

Asymmetrical Messy Bob

Of course she would look lovely wearing anything, but we’re really loving her relaxed hairstyle! The asymmetrical cut is a little bit funky, and her messy locks are casual and cool. She makes it look sultry and divine pairing it up with some super dark lips!

Simple Shorter MOB

Cut just above the shoulders, this MOB is a bit on the shorter side. Everything is left lengthy from back to front, creating a simple and casual style that works for women of all ages.

Voluminous Casual Style

Letting your hair off to the sides with a sassy middle part doesn’t have to be dull and lifeless. Give your medium length bob a bit of body and bulk by teasing the top and sides for a full-bodied finish.

Curled A-line

A-line bobs are undoubtedly a classic, and we love to see them revved up with some styling! Her loose curls are simply flawless and look dazzling against her platinum blonde locks. The ideal look for summer!

Wavy Bayalage Brown

This is just one example why we LOVE mobs: there’s still plenty of room for some gorgeous styling! She starts off with a medium length blunt cut, given a beautiful color thanks to bayalage browns. Ending off her look with some lovely waves, she creates a flirty appearance that’s one part casual, two parts elegant.

Casual Bayalage Graduated Bob

This medium length graduated bob is super cool and casual, with just the right amount of angle from back to front. She sweeps her lengthy front strands off to the side for a cute look that looks great with her bayalage blonde locks. Great spring or summer look!

Blunt Bob with Accenting Maroon

If you’re dealing with thin hair, consider a blunt haircut like this- it will help to bulk up your look for a full-bodied finish. Oh, and don’t forget to add some unique and alluring contrast by adding some seductive maroon throughout the mane. Simple, yet funky and fabulous.

Curly Brown and Blonde

With hints of chestnut blonde throughout a ginger brown base, this hair gets a lovely, bright makeover that really brings her locks to life. She creates a bouncy and full finish that’s cute, yet sophisticated with some loose curls.

Classic Blunt Bob

Blunt bob hairstyles can be a bit dull and lifeless, but not when you add a lovely assortment of highlights and lowlights! Tons of dimension in a mess-free look, this is a great choice for women over 50 who want something casual but beautiful.

Light Ombre Loose Curls

One way to make your ombre coloring stand out and finish with a very sophisticated look is to add some loose curls throughout.

Unique Inverted Bob

You have probably NEVER seen an inverted bob quite like this; and to be frank, we haven’t seen it too often either! But it’s downright fabulous. It’s unique and fun, with loads of playful layers and charming color combinations for a rather outstanding and stand OUT finish.

Vibrant Loose Waves

This lively style is just what 2016 ordered! Featuring vibrant, eye-catching pastel purple, this unique and energetic look is given a touch of sophistication with some gorgeous loose waves. Go basic with your makeup or rev up the look with some enchanting colors.

Sea Foam Ombre with Flipped Bangs

We just love seeing lengthy bangs being flipped to the side; it’s so flirty and fun! But what really sets this rather simple style apart from the rest is the fierce sea foam ombre, with jet black roots up top. Wow!

Relaxed Waves

With an assortment of charming light highlights on a brown base, these lively locks are given some cute and coquettish body using relaxed waves. Great look for the beach or pool party!

Swept Over and Slicked Down

This hairstyle is SO ridiculously sexy and refined, and can easily be dressed up or down for any occasion. She starts off with some bright platinum locks with dark roots and hints of trendy blue on the bottom, tossing her locks over to the extreme side and slicking her locks down for a sultry finish.

Straight Bedhead

On days where you just want to get up and go, forget styling- rock the bedhead look! Start off with a casual medium length bob haircut like this, and don’t worry about tousled tresses- they’re rather relaxed and sexy, right?

Pink Voluminous Ringlets

Looking for a style that is sure to turn heads? HERE IT IS. This awesome ‘do features ginormous ringlets with TONS of enticing volume, accented perfectly by hot pink and jet black locks that are totally cool. Loving this look!

Sultry Ombre with Waves

A more natural take on the trendy ombre hair color, she sports rich dark brown roots leading up to stunning hazelnut ends. She adds just a touch of wave to her mane to create some alluring body, matching perfectly with smoky eyes and deep wine-colored lips for a very enticing appearance.

Messy Waves

We just love the messy wave look; it’s playful and youthful, and is a great choice for any occasion! Simply add some wave to your locks and tousle them up a bit.

Sharp A-line Bob

A-line bobs are undoubtedly one of the poshest styles in the hair world, and with an extremely sharp angle like this, the a-line is given a sassy makeover that is both fierce and fabulous.

There’s no way you couldn’t have found a MOB hairstyle you LOVE in this list! Pophaircuts.com which one is your favorite? Take the plunge to shorter locks today!

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